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  1. Thanks everyone! Bad news is during my road trip I got stranded in NH for two weeks. Good news is I had the most amazing experience helping my breeder take care of her kennel, and getting to run Ame with her team, and play with 13 puppies, that I almost forgot about the money I had to blow on a new transmission. We are back home now as of last week though and Yona has settled right in. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you very much! Same drive as last year when I got Ame so at least this time I'll know what to expect
  3. Introducing Yona, full sister to Ame. I am driving the 14 hrs one way this weekend to get her. Cannot wait to have her here <3 The pictures were not wanting to work with me, so here they are!
  4. Lyon being comfy on the couch. Finally is able to be out with everyone without causing a ruckus.
  5. Ah and I forgot to include Link's parti-eye. I got him as a rescue at 15mo so no puppy pics.
  6. This is Yuki from two weeks up to a year old. - Wanted to add, both parents had two blue eyes.
  7. Recent photo of me... very very rare to have one with of me and not my doggies but I suppose thats what I get for having someone else being the photographer
  8. Link is roughly 52 pounds at just about 2 years. Yuki is 39 pounds at about 1 and a half years.
  9. Mike caught this photo on our sledding trip of me and the pups... perfect for the new year member mush
  10. Feeling excited for bikejoring tomorrow.

  11. Shes gorgeous Oh and did someone say swimming?? I wanna see a husky camping!!
  12. Oh and you're fine, you didn't kill it, I just thought I'd get the ball rolling again since we got off-topic pictures. Gah sorry again, next topic still husky diving in water.
  13. Off-topic.. is that an eskie?? I also have an American Eskimo along with my two sibes Alright alright sorry everyone next topic is diving in water didn't wanna ruin it.
  14. Ah lets get back on track here guys. This is a photo challenge game, someone posts a picture, asks for something else, you post for that category. The last thing asked for was husky going down a slide. I've never taken mine to the playground, and I'm not sure if anyone has a picture of that. So the challenge is either 'your husky going down a slide' but if no one has that, and to keep the game going, lets do 'your husky sunbathing'.
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