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    Broken Husky

    Hi Guys, I know its Sunday a day for being lazy and most of all having a lie in but its 11am now and Mollie still hasnt got out of bed. She got up when I got up so she could be let out but has then run straight back upstairs to sleep next to her daddy! They are both in bed still and Mollie just looks at me when I call her. She still hasnt had her morning walk yet either but just doesnt seem to care! (Will load pics ina sec)
  2. That looks scrummy and love cookie dough
  3. Im sure they will bring back lots of pics for us all to see
  4. Thankyou for voting. Husky Owners now has 9332 votes towards this years awards and 15848 as the total number of votes for all time Please come back to www.1award.co.uk and vote again tomorrow.
  5. That's soo good. What people can do with their voices is amazing. Have you seen this... Just uploaded a new link this should br the whole show now
  6. I put a load of pics up on http://molliesfarm.co.uk I know there is one of Mollie sitting up but not sure if there are any of the huskies lying down I'll have a look on the computer tomorrow for you
  7. Brill I won't miss it then thanks
  8. Will you be sending the address for our secret Santa via pm? I have been really busy and not on here much the last two weeks and I don't want to miss it
  9. Oh she is gorgeous love the pic of her summer and winter coats. I bet you have loads of fun when she blows her coat
  10. Glad she is still fighting wouldn't worry about stitches the scars will heal eventually and I'm sure her fur will cover the mess they created.
  11. Woo I have just spoken to Nick and he said Yes we should be able to make it Where is the event as Forest of Dean is quite a large place
  12. 7:30 on a Sunday!!!!! Ouch Ill have a word with Nick and see if we can make it Oh and
  13. I have yet to read any Michael Morpurgo books but I always find if the author is good then it is easy to loose yourself in a story and become a part of it (at least in your mind)
  14. Wicked is there anyway we can go to cheer you on?
  15. Oh no! I hate reading sad stories in public places... Im not sure about books (Cant remember reading a book about animals) but when I watched Marlee and Me I cried like a baby as I remembered... lets just say certain sad scenes... so I guess its not quite the same but im sure you are not alone
  16. Oo Oo Oo when is this and can people watch? Forest of Dean is only down the road
  17. Just a guess but I have viewed this thread about 4times so far today as I get a notification that someone has posted on it. So I try and clear it but I can only vote once a day.
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