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  1. Thistle

    Broken Husky

    Just came to bed and Mollie beat me to it... I don't think she wants to sleep at the end of the bed anymore she wants to take my space and give her daddy kisses [ATTACH]62033[/ATTACH]
  2. Thank you will have a browse tomorrow
  3. I used to be a doctor's receptionist! I do so hope I didn't fall into the horrible old women category that most doctor surgery seem to have. You are asked what the problem is so they can triage you and see you if it is more urgent then someone with a cold or something minor. My advice rather then going in and causing holy hell would be to just make your issue seem worse then it is, make it urgent, it harder to refuse you then. If they still do crying seems to work as a receptionist won't send you away crying but can't have a crying patient in reception not being dealt with. Or you could show her your hand (by the sounds of it it isn't looking too pretty) I know if I saw something gross I would bend over backwards to get it out of my sight. (sorry no offence meant) If someone came in shouting or angry at me I felt less inclined to help them. I hope this helps and you can get seen by your doctor
  4. Wow the keyrings are great as well you really should set up a little shop
  5. We use the Julius K9 Harness and get on great with it. Haven't heard of the happy to heel harness but as mentioned above staceybob will be able to give better advice
  6. This is a rather interesting thread, I have never even thought about breeding but that is because I love rescuing soo much I love giving them a second chance for a forever home. But it is nice to hear other people's views on the subject
  7. I agree I would buy one and i bet loads of people on here would buy them to and it doesnt have to be just dog names any names will sell
  8. Thistle

    Broken Husky

    Lol hangover and dogs never work! At least their howls can make you smile
  9. ready and waiting for my secret santa victim
  10. Thistle

    Broken Husky

    Yes she loves my side of the bed most so when I go to bed I get squished into the corner so she can stretch out
  11. Aww they looking after their mummy to make sure she ok
  12. The buildup for the jump was so intense! How he had to pull himself out and then sort of dangle before he pulled himself to stand ready to jump! He has some guts!
  13. Thistle

    Broken Husky

    I think Mollie would do the same if we sit around having a lazy day she is soo happy sleeping at our feet. But if we are busy around the house she will follow us around. Like she think we are up so we must be taking her for a walk And I thought Huskys were high energy!
  14. Oh she is gorgeous! Love the mud mask! I don't know much about puppy weight and sizes but from the pics she doesn't look underweight. I always just judge by activity levels and if I can feel bones easily
  15. True! It may have only been a few weeks but we are well and truely Owned! THBM loves bouncing in long grass
  16. When we rescued Mollie she was Thistle but she didnt respond to it at all, We spent 3 days just saying different names while she wasnt looking at us and Mollie was the only one she responded to... Her head shot up and she looked at us as if to say 'yes what do you want' so to cover all bases we tried Holly, Polly and Dolly and she didnt care for any of them. your best bet is to find a few names you like and see which they respond to
  17. Thistle

    Broken Husky

    lol Mollie hasnt even had breakfast yet she just isnt moving. She is still lying there with her dad both being V lazy! Maybe if I make a cook breakfast they will move
  18. Wow what an achievement and a great looking tat the colours are fantastic!
  19. lol I extend Mollie to Mollie Moo she looks nothing like a cow i just like the sound of it
  20. Thistle

    Broken Husky

    I have just taken this pic and had called Mollie but she wasn't interested!
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