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    How does your dog react to fireworks? I had to walk Mollie later then usual tonight and it was rather dark, when we got to the field there was a house near by having fireworks. They had some lovely sparkly ones and other big rockets that made me jump when they went bang. However Mollie was not fazed at all and went about her usual sniffing and exploring. When we were walking in the direction the fireworks were coming from she stopped and watched them for a while but didnt seem to care at all. It made me wonder how your dogs cope with the loud noises and flashing lights?
  2. Well done guys.... This is the first I have seen about it I didn't know the walk was for charity... Can I still make a donation?
  3. Not quite sure what to put, which doesnt help as we are new here. In my spare time i read, i am currently reading terry pratchetts discworld but love anything fiction (i nearly have enough books to have a library) Nick enjoys riding and fixing his motorbikes we currently have 4 in our garage with 1 more on its way We have recently moved into our first house and are settling in nicely. We love rescueing animals and giving them a second chance, we currently have 4 guinea pigs, a cockatiel, fish and Mollie we plan on saving another bird shortly. I like anything weird and wonderful We have only had Mollie a short while so we havent tried all types of treats and toys yet. She seems to like anything she can get her paws on, so im sure she will be happy with anything she xan chomp on
  4. Nom nom bourneville haven't had that for years
  5. Dear Santa, Mollie: Likes- Any toys noisy ones are the best. Any treats Dislikes- Baths! No other known dislikes Me: Likes- Anything husky, fiction book, chocolate, anything strange and weird, fav colour purple. Dislikes- Nuts, horror stories Thank you Mollie & Amy
  6. A real tear jerker is P.S I Love You
  7. Oh she is gorgeous love the pic of her and the teddy
  8. Hi, I know on dog trust's website you can search the dogs and see if they are still there or have been rehomed. I know they move their dogs about to different shelters, in the hopes of finding an owner. Hope you find your furbaby.
  9. Welcome to the pack and well done on rescuing have you got any pics yet?
  10. Wicked I will keep my open and hopefully take part in the next one
  11. Nearly true: [ATTACH]62274[/ATTACH] THBM is trained to ignore every command the 'humans' try to teach her.
  12. Welcome to the pack love het mask and eyes she is gorgeous
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