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  1. As you may know we already have one cockatiel named ZiZi we felt he needed a friend. So today we went to a bird sanctuary and rescued some friends for him we don't have names for them yet but here are some pics they are in a separate cage at the mo but will be introduced over the next week
  2. Good idea think I'm going to do that and I'll just steer clear of rawhide as most dogs on here seem to get a funny tummy from it
  3. My secret Santa hasn't written anything and I dont really know anyone on here well at all (hence I kept bumping this and other Santa threads)
  4. Bump! Please make sure you have put a little something here
  5. Bump! My victim hasn't written anything
  6. I think it's different for all dogs. Mollie let's us know if she wants a walk but she gets two walks a day and the time and distance all depend on who is walking her and what shifts we are on. When Nick walks her she goes further in a short time as he marches with her but when I take her out we don't go as far as I am too busy talking to other owners and Mollie is running around with their dog sometimes she just drags me home as she wants her food
  7. Yes quite a few of the bigger supermarkets like Tescos, Asda, Sainsburys do deliveries when you order online and I believe Iceland you go and buy all your shopping in store and then they deliver it to you later that day
  8. It's a great Sig we all love it. And the Thistles are a lil reminder of how we came to have our furbaby
  9. That's terrible. I would ask for my money back! I dont use Iceland as I have a farmfoods closer
  10. It was Mollie's 'orphan' name the rescue center gave her. But we got more response out of bricks when we called Thistle, however Mollie seems to get a Husky level of response
  11. I vote everyday but don't always have the chance/time to put it on here
  12. Thistle


    It's rather interesting how they react so differently don't like seeing scared dogs I feel helpless around them
  13. Thistle

    Pay Day

    I was naughty and went to the pub last night for a few oh a school night... Wonder how today is going to go
  14. Thistle

    Pay Day

    Woo it's my first pay day from my new job today. It has been months since I had a pay check (been out of work) so I'm really happy and can now go and buy lots of Christmas pressys
  15. Thistle


    Wow! Mollie is the first dog I have had that isnt fussed with them at all. I have added a poll to the thread incase its simply a yes or no to them being scared
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