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  1. Virtual box is my preference for running linux on windows (or vice versa) In my opinion the cleanest for desktop use and some nice integration
  2. Just got home and have a lovely wrapped present Thank you whoever you are
  3. Happy Birthday to Skyla hope you have a great time tomorrow
  4. Lol no need to say sorry you still have plenty of time 17 days left to post if it's going 2nd class to UK
  5. Forgot to update Posted my SS it should be with the person by now... or at least very soon
  6. Indeed I'm not entirely sure she deserves a gift from Santa this year
  7. Argh! Mollie found the secret Santa this morning it was all set ready to post but she attacked the box and has enjoyed it all so have to buy it again... At least I should have enough time to make sure it is out in time for Christmas
  8. Lol it was my own fault but hey ho I am very thankful there was no pictures that could have ended badly for me
  9. Haha brilliant. The title is not so good though I am eating my lunch at the mo but because the title tells me not to read this thread I couldn't resist it good job I have a strong stomach
  10. I am crap at coming up with things like this but I like 'every step imprinted on your heart'
  11. Wicked. Thanks for the advice guys, I think I will just trim her paws
  12. My parents always rescued from dogs trust but they were saving lurchers. Everytime there was a questionnaire to fill in this was just general questions about hours the dog would be alone where the dog would be kept and what you would do in certain situations (ie having a baby) they then have a meeting with you and ask the same sort of questions and tell you all the information about the dog you also get a chance to ask any other questions. Normally there is a small fee/donation to reserve the dog. They require every member of the family to meet the dog to make sure they get on. If there is a dog already in the family you can usually arrange to have a few meets to make sure. Then there is the home check this is usually to make sure the garden is secure and the fence is big enough. They may also ask more questions like where is the dog going to sleep and eat. After that you normally can arrange to make the final payment/donation and collect your new family member. Dogs trust gave a collar, lead, dog bowls for food and water and about 1 weeks worth of food they are on so you can switch them slowly. But when we rescued Mollie from Cheltenham animal sanctuary none of that was included and they couldn't even tell us what food she was being given or how much or how often. So the advice and help you get all depends on the people from that particular rescue. hope all goes well for you in your search
  13. Hi guys, I was wondering if I should take Mollie to the doggy salon to get a nice wash and her hair cut as the fur on her feet is very tatty and needs a trim. I remember reading on here that you should never ever shave them as it damages the fur but I can't seem to find the thread again and wasn't sure if a trim to tidy her coat is the same. I might just be being over cautious buy thought it was better safe then sorry
  14. Hopefully will have mine posted by the end of next week
  15. Hi Guys I have just been to the post office and noticed they have the Christmas deliveries times up. If you are just posting second class to the UK you have until 18th December. Thought it would be handy to have on here
  16. Thank you all the two cockatiels are in the big cage together now and seem to be getting on fine with just a few squabbles ZiZi follows the new bird around everywhere as if to say this is mine get off not all the time tho so its good. We still haven't got any names for them yet but we are working on it
  17. Zizi's tail was like that as well before the first molt, but he has lost the markings now and his face is bright yellow
  18. They are all baby's they were unsure about the blue budgie but think the green is a boy. We won't know about the cockatiel's gender until the first molt. We don't know for sure the sex of ZiZi but just think he's is a he
  19. Thank you I'm really looking forward to the next few days and introducing them all
  20. Yes she really did enjoy the squeaky bit but that has long gone she likes playing tug of war with me and will even go and fetch it and bring it back if I throw it away we got her a small antler also as a special treat [ATTACH]63710[/ATTACH]
  21. We got Mollie a new toy today and it didn't last too long
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