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  1. Many of the older members will know me as Val's (zebedee) better half, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members for the post's after our tragic loss of Diesel, it is beyond me just how many people posted comments about him, i knew he was loved by us and a few others who met him but the posts that were made bought quite a few tears to my eyes and and still would if i read them again and that is not an easy thing to do. There is no way that i can thank all of you enough and will not forget the reaction his passing caused on here and other sites. There are 2 people on here that i would like to thank and they are sarah (Admin) and Lisa Brown (fragglebabe), both these people went way beyond frindship and that meant a lot to me and Val. You both know what you did and it will never be forgotton. We may have lost D but in our hearts he will always be with us and the friends we made with him will always be a part of our lives. ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU FOR MAKING HIS PASSING EASIER. All of you that know me will be shocked by this post and will think it someone has hacked my account, well it is me and i am humbled by you all, again a massive thank you and look after you pooches as you never know what tyhe future brings. Now why don't you all just sod off to bed it's very late. (see told you it was me) Steve AKA Grumpy Busted. RIP big fella
  2. Late 70s went out with 6 mates for a bike ride round Lincolnshire, for some reason we changed the route and went to Derbyshire, only 5 of us made it back, should have gone to Lincolnshire, we MIGHT have all made it back from there. RIP boys
  3. Try and get him with another dog that knows how to pull
  4. Then they should type in proper england like what i do. LOL Just seemed a sweeping statement, a lot of none English type like that.
  5. Looks like you will have to cancel the getaway, we have the same problem, most of our away days are done so we can take the dogs, the joy of being pet owners.
  6. Mmmmm, have helped rescue a few dogs recently husky and none husky and know of quite a few more that other people have helped to rehome and as far as i know all previous owners have been English, to say "the sellers are prob eastern european" is way out of line and the comment should be removed, it is as bad as saying they were black or Indian or Chinese, a very sweeping statement in my opinion.
  7. When Myshka was younger our 6ft fence never kept her in, she just chewed a hole through it and ran off,
  8. We have 6ft fences but now have a decking that cuts down the hieght
  9. 2 or 3 times a day should do it.
  10. The rule of thumb is about 5 mins per month of age, (roughly) so 5 months old about half an hours walk should be plenty.
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