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  1. Nice to meet you today - you should pop a post in the introduction thread, just a little about yourelf, family and huskys.
  2. Great vid - we have the problem here Amy - everywhere is far too open so Isis never gets the chance to be let off!
  3. Okay been thinking about this since we had Isis, and we are pretty much certain that we are going to get Isis spayed - she is just finishing her first season, but after Leannes post about Sassy and her incontinence and my mums dog having similar problems - when would you consider the best time to spay a bitch? I know that spay incontinence is rare and could happen at anytime - just curious in your opinions!
  4. I was just about to mention his eyes! Arent they bright?
  5. Wow - how cute is he?
  6. Alex T

    Jeff's new puppy

    Hes so cute - I love the collars with their names on!
  7. She loves playing with the ball, so every time she chases it around i just make sure i say "Isis Fetch" - but whether she will actually do it when i want her to is another question!
  8. I will hopefully be training ours the basic - sit, lie, stay, paw, fetch - to begin with! But I am looking into sledging with her when she's older - so theres another load of instructions she will need to know!
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