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  1. Oh forgot to add - Falling Skies
  2. okay heres my list: Terra Nova Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Universe Continuum Last Resort Nikita Arrow - both the kids and myself are hooked on this at the moment!
  3. Christmas is all about the family in our home! We spend xmas day at home, just me, lynn and the kids - mainly because that's how my xmas' used to be as a kid. Plus the kids get chance to open/ play with the majority of their things. We always buy a few family games and after xmas dinner we spend a few hours as a family playing those games. Then boxing day is the day we get together with the extended family - lunch at the inlaws and dinner at my parents with my brother/ sister and their kids. It's the only time in the year that we all manage to get together. Rarely see them any other times as my brother lives in Cardiff and works weekends - which would be the only time that we could visit due to my job. Plenty of family banter - good times!
  4. Unfortunately we won't be able to make it as I don't have a real job (lol)! As for the 100's of days off - you couldn't be more wrong - I for 1 spend the majority of my so called days off working from home!!! Hopefully we'll be able to make another camp soon - been a few years since we've come to one!
  5. This is Mika owned by a friend of mine! This picture doesnt show it very clearly - but her eye is more like an emerald green colour!
  6. Alex T


    Ours aren't bothered by them - thankfully! But my mom's old dog used to go mental - the vet prescribed her some pill that used to make her dozy!
  7. Congrats! Sounds a great place to be!
  8. Another update - I'm assuming that Beauty is now 100% back to her usual self! After a week of hand feeding her dry mix/ tinned food (remember she ate raw independently with no problems) she has finally eaten her supper by her self. She then decided it would be a good idea to eat Isis' as well, however Isis had different opinion on that one! Just glad/ over the moon that she is eating normally again - a huge weight has been lifted. I'm wondering though, if her eating habit had anything to do with the pills she was on. Her pills came to an end yesterday as she's back to normal today. Or is it just coincidence?
  9. Alex T

    Son of a.....!

    Here in the UK you are able to suggest suitable dates compared to the ones that they give you - I did this as they scheduled my jury service during SATs week at school and I asked them to move it by 2 months! I quite enjoyed doing it - but take something to do when you are there! Theres a lot of sitting around and waiting!
  10. So glad to hear that she is getting better! I know exactly what you mean about the connection thing - especially after last week!
  11. Thanks! My only concern today is that she will only eat her dry mix/ tinned food out of my hand - raw on the other hand she'll devour without a second thought! Looks like a trip to the butchers tomorrow for me! Noticed her stitches today (as we haven't gone around prodding, etc to see them) - needless to say I'm not very happy with the way she's been stitched up, it looks a right mess! I appreciate that it was an emergency op and she was touch and go, but ...
  12. Just a quick update! Beauty seems to be making a full recovery - Thankfully! She's eating smaller meals than usual, but is eating three times a day instead of 2. Isis however, is pining like mad and won't leave her alone.
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