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  1. It was suggested to me that you may have some good advice. Would you mind looking at my post under training and behavior - lunging and bearing teeth at other family pets? I'm open to advice... thanks, GEO

  2. Well, to each his own. I am happy to own my new husky, because I can offer her a much better situation than she had with her other owner, chained all the time (apparently because she was always trying to escape and run away) and never taken for a walk (apparently because she would drag, pull, escape and run off), obvioulsy a hassle to that owner. I would say there are pros and cons about the different breeds. It is great to have a loyal dog that will and can protect you if you need that, and that you do not have to worry about letting off the leash so they can have fun and be free. On the othe
  3. wow..this is making me sad. i have a doberman that we did nothing to 'train' to stay with us. she has no desire to run away from us!!! She always knows where we are and is mostly interested in her people. we have only had our new dog, husky, for one week and i am reading about how you can not let a husky off lead. Why is that? Dont they form a bond with their owner and want to stay with you??? I pretty much never have my doberman on a leash except to pacify people who are scared of her just because of her look... not that she is mean at all. i have a lot to learn about this breed.
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