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  1. pacific4130


    In your opinion... Many of us don't have a problem with it...
  2. Get hold of some silica gel sachets and pop the phone in a tupperware container with them. Or... If you have a fan assisted oven turn the fan on (without heat of course!) and pop the phone in the oven. If you have a fairly good oven with accurate temperature control you can warm it very slightly. Leave it in there for several hours.
  3. That's a good idea... I'll check them out...
  4. I've been thinking about planning a summer break. About a week long in July or August. Naturally, my partner and I will have the husky with us so we need somewhere dog friendly. We'd also like the keep the cost down as much as possible (we really love the national trust cottages but they get very pricey at peak season). Now, whilst I'm perfectly happy to slum it camping my parter isn't overly keen on the idea. She likes to have a little luxury. I was thinking maybe I could meet half-way and try 'glamping', although I'm not too sure how expensive it is. Does anyone have any favourite spots in the UK that are dog friendly? We're based in south Manchester but we're willing to drive a reasonable distance to get somewhere. Thanks for the advice - We both really need a holiday!
  5. See if you are allowed to use ear plugs. Sometimes they'll only let you use pre-supplied foam ones, but they're better than nothing. I hate even the smallest bit of noise in exams and when I sat the UKCAT (bit like the MCAT in the US) I used them as it was a noisy room (they take place in the same venues as people doing driving licence theory test - not the smartest set up). Didn't even notice them after a few minutes and I'm sure they made a big difference.
  6. I did put husky in the end! Haha. I probably wont get the job but at least it feels like I'm moving toward getting a job. I think I'm going to have to just try the direct route - print out lots of simple CVs and take them into shops. I'm guessing that a lot of employers will hire part-time staff that way.
  7. I recently left full-time employment (which I had been doing since school) to return to full-time study and go to med school. Obviously this is quite an expense so I've been looking for casual part-time work. Nothing special, just typical student type jobs. Having always had a job I had no idea how infuriating job applications are! It's just long lists of inane questions! I'm currently filling out an application for a pet store chain... One of the questions is: "If you were do describe yourself as a pet what would you be and why?". This is after lots of questions along the lines of: "Tell me a time when....", "What attracted you to this role..." Arrghh. It's a minimum wage position. I'm applying to mop the floor and put things through the till - not be the flaming CEO of the company! I'm tempted to say I'd be a husky because I don't tolerate bulls**t and I just want to work!!!
  8. It's tough to find a happy medium... In the last week alone I've meet two different sets of husky owners who were, in my opinion, not particularly 'good' owners. Pups were clearly not from an ethical and decent breeder, and they were pretty uninformed about what husky ownership was going to be like (they were youngish dogs). I guess I'm saying that if I were a breeder they wouldn't get one of my dogs (and I'm not particularly militant in my views either). Maybe this is just a UK problem, but a lot of really unsuitable owners are getting hold a husky puppies at the moment and, surprise surprise, these dogs end up in rehoming centres when they hit 1yr - 1.5yr old. I think it's the job of all good husky owners to push the line that getting a husky brings with it responsibility - not just to the dog, but to the breed itself. That said, I do agree that people need constructive criticism rather than insulting. I was a member on another forum (I'm sure it's the one others are referring to...) and I left after the whole forum turned on a new poster who was seeking advice about the off-lead issue. In my opinion she was in the wrong, but at least she was seeking advice on how to change. Others didn't see it that way and bullied the hell out of her and anyone trying to calm the situation down. They even went so far as to attack me and my experiences of a completely different topic. They're just bullies who happen to have huskies and get a lot of enjoyment out of picking on those with less experience. So what did they achieve? Well... That poster left. I class myself as a new and keen member of the UK husky community but now I go out of my way to tell people to avoid that forum and the individuals who use it. I'm sure I'm not the only one. So however good their message is, due to their aggressiveness it fails on deaf ears. It's strange how, despite completely agree with their sentiments, I find them so repugnant that I can't even abide by them enough to recommend them to new owners. With Husky-Owners.... I think it's a good even balance. Sure, I don't agree with everyones views on here (non-KC pups, off lead dogs, etc) but that's life. I just try to politely put my view across. Overall though it's a nice friendly place with very good natured people. TL;DR It's a fine balance - it's better to gently persuade than the extremes of being too hard or too soft. H-O, however, hits a pretty reasonable balance.
  9. So good to hear I'm not the only one suffering from a the hide-and-seek act! Hmm... maybe I need to experiment with different harnesses then. Perhaps he's just being a brat like teenager and manmat isn't a cool enough brand for him!
  10. I got one of these for my husky: http://www.snowpawstore.com/collar-manmat.html They sit nice and loose, then tighten under pulling to the normal two-fingers loose when a lead is attached. Also, because they sit loose they slip on and off the head really easily.
  11. I did think about whether it's a big game for him... I wanted to walk him just now, but he was hiding. I decided to experiment by ignoring him and going back to what I was doing. I'd been on the computer in the office for 5 mins and he strolls in and plops himself down of the floor and dozes away. Major downside is that if he doesn't get a walk he goes nuts later on at night when my fiancee and I go (try to go) to sleep. Snoozing all day, playing at night - he thinks he's cat!
  12. Hi, My sibe (just under a year old) has recently gone off his walks. Whenever I shout 'walkies' he either runs upstairs to his room (the spare bedroom) and hides under the bed or runs into his crate. He never seems truly scared (no tail tucking) neither does he get angry and growl etc. The mere mention of the word walkies is enough to send him into hiding. If I have to drag him out from under the bed. It's very much a 'do I have too' child-like tantrum, mainly just the dead weight treatment. If I do hardess him or put his collar on he paces about lots as I put my shoes on to go out. He seems to be very anxious. Thing is... once he hears the house alarm beeping (meaning we're about to open the front door and go out) he goes back into typical husky behaviour - pawing at the door handle and pulling like crazy. He enjoys his walks and pulls like mad. I'm completely baffled by it. He tends to do it when I use the manmat harness and belt - he doesn't seem to mind the collar and leash as much. But, like I said, he's totally normal once he's out of the door. I've started to introduce him slowly to bike-joring and he loves it, again - no problems when he's out and about. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a common adolescent thing? I did think it could be related to the fact that we confine him to the hallway when he is left alone. Perhaps he thinks we are trying to trick him into locking him away? He doesn't have a big issue with being left half-days (no seperation anxiety or anything) but I'm sure like most sibes he doesn't want to be alone. Other than that, I'm completely baffled? Anyone else have a husky that needs bump-starting!?
  13. Just checked in on this thread. Didn't go on the server for a while as I've been busy. Such a shame that some people just trash things for other people. This is why I don't think I'll bother playing on a server again - I spent ages building some cool thing sand now it's gone. (I was Random BTW)
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