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    i have 8 furkids and 5 human kids
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  1. thanks for the replies, i had read that you could give human antihistamines but thought i would check with vet ,she made me feel worse than what i did because she said not to wait till the evening as she could have eternal swelling ! cleo has been to the vets they said it was probably hayfever gave her a shot ,some antibiotics just in case and prednisolone and a £70 bill but the swelling is going down already and that is the main thing,
  2. Thanks sarah, it took 4 1/2 hrs and thank you to the rest of you nice to be back
  3. thanks anyway,still waiting for hubby to get in, i phoned the vets she was not impressed at me even asking and said no to any human antihistamine.
  4. the benadryl in the uk does not contain the same active ingredient as above anyone else used benadryl ? not sure what to get
  5. Thank you emily, appreciate your quick reply
  6. Hi my girl cleo is having an allergic reaction to something and her face is puffing up quite a lot, and around her nose is red but seems to be her eyes that are irritating her the worse im having a panic!! can i give her human antihistamine ? if so is there a certain one that is safe? can't get to the vets till hubby gets home and then that will be emergency hours, thanks in advance for any help !!
  7. Aww thank you for the kind words, may be hard to understand but i could not face coming on after lynk it was very painful but he doing great and so is my mum
  8. Big hello to anyone who remembers me, not been around for a while if anyone can remember the last time i was here was when i had to rehome lynk and it has took me several months to get over that even though he is having the time of his life the guilt was too much, then my my mum had a fall and broke her hip so it has been a slow recovery so now all is calm i treated myself to this
  9. fab as usual karen, hope your all well and we must catch up soon.xx
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