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  1. Dakota1982


    My Girl Dakota getting her first taste of snow well what we get in stranraer (scotland)
  2. Hi Thank you for all your reply settled my mind, whats the best type of brush to use on her to remove all the dead hair
  3. does the coat grow back in or is this it now
  4. Hi My girl Dakota is shedding which i no is normal, but there are 2 areas on her back legs that are nearly bald there is only one layer of skin on the 2 areas i have never seen her skin as she is very fluffy and you can actually see her skin is this normal i am kind of worried. Any help or advice would be appreciated thank you.
  5. Good One bet diesel owner glad to have him back:cheerleader:Good to no people like you out there brave
  6. totally agree this is a good one printed this out for the future. Thanks
  7. Thanks for all you comments very much appreciated a hard one. Thanks
  8. I soak it because people say if its soaked it wont bloat up in there stomach? just what i was told but she eats it better when not soaked.
  9. My Girl was on Royal Cannin Large Puppy, she never has been a good eater just seemed to nibble and her weight is an issue for me but everyone says she will fill out when closer to reaching adulthood 1 and half to 2 uyears old. I was away on holiday for 2 weeks and she was in the kennels when i got back she looked great her coat was great really suprised but then they told me that she wasnt eating her cfood i sent in with her (royal cannin) at all and they were getting concerned as she hadnt ate anything for days so they tried her with the food they keep in general and it was the Bakers puppy food he said she wolfed it down and ate every meal til the bowl was empty which isnt like her since being home a week i ought some of this and she seems to like it alot wasnt keen on this as people were saying not to give her this and stick to expensive foods as huskys have sensitive stomachs what should i do? i am at a stick as she is eating it also do you have to soak the dry food in hot w\zater always have but she enjoys it more when not soaked as she eatrs my others dogs when his back is turned before she would eat her soaked stuff. Any help much appreciated dont no what to do for the best.
  10. Turns out my little girl is in season blood all over her bed feeling sorry for herself such a shame thought she was to young yet
  11. Thanks for that helped alot never had a female dog to novice to all this.
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