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  1. My girl breathes pretty normal. My boy has pretty rapid breathing, to the point it worried me a bit. Vet says he's fine, and he just breathes faster. He does calm down when sleeping, but even if he's been sitting for a while he still breathes pretty fast and hard.
  2. Demiurge

    Excel power

    DCount is where you're counting based on specific criteria. You want to count each appearance of "Male" in column A, but only when Age, in column B, is between 25 and 30, and where the location, in column C, is UK. Fun stuff, really.
  3. Demiurge

    Excel power

    I think one of the best I've learned so far has been DCount. Not used too often, but lots of fun, especially when you get to send it to someone who can barely use SUM() Hours of entertainment ensues!
  4. Marc, I'm going to have to buy you a drink for that one! Love it!
  5. Thanks for sharing! I'll have to keep that in mind.
  6. He sounds just like mine do! lol that is great!
  7. great vids! he's definitely an honorary husky lol.
  8. The dog don't spend money though! He just wants to eat everything before we get to the register!
  9. a couple made me think, only one i couldn't get. at least i think....
  10. Great pics! Thanks for sharing, they're fab!
  11. Welcome to the pack, Dan! Hopefully someone here will be in your area and be willing to meet up and show you that some Huskies can behave quite well!
  12. PMSL - that's great!
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