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  1. TV? What's that? ha ha ha. It's not quite football season yet!
  2. Great area for a walk! Bet the people enjoyed it as much as the pups!
  3. Hopefully I havent put this one up. Took this while out walking the pups. Thought the sky / sun made for a cool natural effect.
  4. Woohooo...I'll be right over!
  5. Osinn11


    Thanks everyone! Good to be back!
  6. Jos So sorry to read this. I see my Cj in both Dana and Glala. Always though of them as her lost siblings. Run free beautiful Girls!
  7. Osinn11


    Elyse. Just catching up here. So Sorry to read of Suka's passing. I know some time has passed but hugs from our pack to yours.
  8. Osinn11


    Thanks! Any idea why my Sig shows the photo name or how I fix it?
  9. Osinn11


    Thought I'd say hello! Attended a 30+ Husky / Mal walk Saturday and really made me think of all my friends here at H-O. Gonna do my best to not be a stranger!
  10. I know I'm late...but Happy Birthday Alicia. Hope you were spoiled!
  11. Welcome! Thank you for rescuing! Great looking pup you've got there!
  12. This happens about 3 times a day around here!
  13. Congrats on the new addition! Ame is ready to join the team already I see!
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