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  1. Is he just growling or does he bare his teeth? Mine growls all the time when you try to take a toy from her or if she's playing with a toy in her bed and you lay with her or pat her. For her, it's just her being a beach. She doesn't bite or show any intentions of biting. In fact, she usually ends up standing up and pushing one side of the toy into you to play 'tug' or throw it for her to chase after. When she's playing with the toy, I can take it from her with no problem. However, if it's an iron clad grip on the toy or teeth are being bared, then you could definitely try what Emma suggested and trade it for a higher value item. When mine had resource guarding issues, I would just toss a treat so she'd go after it and then work on giving the toy and letting me take it from her without showing her teeth.
  2. Thanks, Emma I was able to find a support group for PSDs as well as ESDs that have people who do have service dogs in their every day life and they've been really helpful with giving me information on how to move forward. I spoke to the CEO of a non profit organization for the support group and she said that I sounded like I would 'qualify' for a PSD under the ADA's guidelines. I put the quotes since you don't need any real documentation to actually have one, though a doctor recommending it would be preferred. As for my therapist, she thinks I should drop the idea since my parents most likely wouldn't approve... (and I live with them so ) Anywho, it's a relief to find people who're in the same boat as I am. I feel A LOT better than I did when I made this thread !
  3. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. (And as I've mentioned a long awhile ago, I was addicted to my computer which is why I don't use the internet as often anymore) I didn't even know I had it that bad and most of that was because I felt that way all the time so it was "normal" for me. Anywhom, apparently I've had it for years. Probably nearly 10 without knowing. I recently met a guy with a PSD (psychiatric service dog) for his PTSD and he recommended me to ask my doc about asking for a PSD. I told him that I don't really have what I considered a life-debilitating disability. But he told me to go and tell my doc how she helps me and warns me about impending internal panic attacks or when my heart starts racing from the build up. (which she does seem to pick up on when she's near me and that happens) As with my psychologist, she says my depression stems from my strict parents and their overbearing presence and them trying to push their values into me. So she wants me to get OUT of the house as much as possible. I don't do this because my dog is home and I can't bear staying away from her for long periods of time. (I have separation anxiety from her lol) Yes, she makes me feel better. But I can function without her. I don't like to, but I can if I have to. But if anything, she's made me more unsocial-able. If she doesn't go, I don't go. I'll be invited on a trip out of state and I'll turn it down because she's my responsibility and I don't trust anyone else with her. There also another depressing thing about my dog & I but I think it would be too dark to mention here~ Anywho, this guy actually offered to help me train Jelly to be a service dog (his bud trains service dogs and he's been taught by him as well) since he realized how well trained she is. I'm going to go through with the training since there's always room to improve. (Plus, my confidence gets boosted when people are amazed at a well trained husky which helps a lot with my social anxiety and low self esteem!) Plus, it's free. As much as I would LOVE to have her go with me everywhere so I can not feel insecure and secluded from the world, I don't know if my disability is severe enough to require a dog to help me through life. I have no clue how I would tell if it was bad, but to me, bad is like, giving up on life, or PTSD, or suicidal tendencies. I understand service dogs for those with physical disabilities, but I'm unsure on mental disabilities dogs. I'm almost certain my psych would approve of her being my ESD, but I would think there would be more strict laws on needing a PSD. Again, everything feels normal to me, I have no sense if I'm depressed or anxious unless it got worse than usual in which I can actually tell/feel it. Note: I would never claim I had an ESD/PSD without a doctor's note so I'm trying to go through the proper channels of research before I consider asking my psychiatrist. I know some people get upset when people say they have a service dog and it's unruly and poorly trained and blatantly obvious that it's not so I thought I'd put this note in. How do you guys feel on ESD/PSD?
  4. I would not worry unless your Vet said he's unhealthy or overweight. Per the AKC standards, like Emma stated, they are just the general standard for "show" quality dogs and how they should be give or take faults here and there. If your vet seems to think he's in great health, I wouldn't think too much into it. I, too, have a husky that it over the standard and she's been perfectly healthy.
  5. SMOKEY IS SOOO CUTE <3 and your collie <3
  6. Jelly passed her CGC test :)!

    1. Emma


      well done Jelly!

    2. mydiamond


      woo hoo! :D good work Jelly and well done to you Eli x

  7. Yay school's over until Fall!!!

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    2. mydiamond


      you go, Eli :D running's healthy. Too bad I can't run that far :)

    3. winterchillz


      Yup, running's healthy; that's why I prefer to just sit here and play video games.

    4. Tatipu


      LOOL. I want to sit and play video games too T_T~!

  8. Jelly watching kids playing outside in the culdesac... Pretty sure she's one of those creepers.. I turned around from my comp and she been sitting there for 15 minutes just staring at them... LOL (Watching her prey ... HEHEHE)
  9. Jelly just wanting to sleep.. but I woke her up . Skyla is so fluffy Just want to hug that fluff D:.
  10. I always find it so amusing that they sleep like this all the time LOL .
  11. Someone's waiting to eat ...
  12. I'm curious what happened afterward .
  13. Tatipu


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