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  1. Gibson blew for the first time and is finally finished. He lost enough undercoat to fill two 39 gallon contractor bags. Anyone want some yarn? And thank you for the diagram, I am saving it for reference when the next person tells me to shave my dog bald.
  2. Wolf-y in shape but not in size. He's around 50 lbs right now and seems to be reaching his full size. But he's far from a power eater, he will only pick at his food throughout the day and eat a full bowl and maybe a half a day.
  3. Potential dynamic fluffy duo photo thread in the future?
  4. Husky balls! Lol, when they curl up to get cozy.
  5. Thanks! It's good to have access to the forums again.
  6. Instead of necroing an old thread (even as cute as it was), I thought these forums could use some more balls. I'll start by showing Gibson's. Now, lets see your balls!
  7. Hey, Jerad here getting back to the pack for the first time in a while. My computer has been in need of a new power supply but I found an app I can use on my phone. So without further ado, I give you Gibson.
  8. So, keeping this short because I'm posting this from a mobile platform. This weekend I have a 4 day Drill and training exercise. Well this will be the longest I'll have been away from Gibson. My girlfriend (his "mommy") is taking care of him, I figure it will be good for her and him. But still I'm somewhat nervous. It was then I realized I probably have bigger seperation anxiety then Gibson has! I probably wouldn't be able to pass the CGC test if I had to take it!
  9. he's losing his white stripe on his face too, so I'm wondering if he is gonna have a straight black mask like I've seen some adult agouti's have. This is the kind of mask I think he'll grow up to have.
  10. I have a bissel pet vacuum and it's awesome!
  11. [ATTACH]49883[/ATTACH] After grooming about 1/6th of Gibson's coat, I packed the loose fur together and made a snowball. Or rather a furball.
  12. OMG Gibson did that one time, at least I ended up deep cleaning the entire bathroom as a result! lol
  13. I reread this post today and thought I should note he now liked to paw my laptop keyboard now. Especially whenever I am using it, I think he likes the clicks noises. He may have figured out to hit the keyboard (space bar) to start YouTube videos.
  14. [MENTION=7252]Christine0925[/MENTION] not sure if you saw his newer thread with pics and a link to a new video, but it's there. I'll put a link for people subscribed to this thread to the new one when I get home. [MENTION=6930]Fable[/MENTION] he hasn't escaped his crate since I modified the locks, but he has learned how to open cupboards (even though there is nothing fun in them? Lol) and he sometimes jumps in my bathtub to lay down and nap. No doubt because the surface is probably fairly cool.
  15. So, I'm helping my best friend pick out her wedding dress and we arrive at our first boutique. After being mislead by the gps for about 2 miles and 40 minutes - we found the place (right next to where we parked the car actually ). She is trying on dresses right now. It's definitely been a fun trip so far though. My pants are wet and muddy though from one of the "shortcuts" through construction we took.
  16. Welcome to the pack! And wow, your husky looks so cute and happy
  17. I've seen people using misters for cold-weather dogs at art fairs when they bring their dog while watching their stands.
  18. omg mydiamond, we weren't friends since update. I sent a request to quickly remedy that. and to new people and people looking for a pal, feel free to friend me.
  19. Uploaded a new video on Gibson's channel.
  20. Thanks! I think your pack is gorgeous too! It makes me look forward to expanding my pack in the future.
  21. They were taken with my iphone and he didn't feel like staying still too much so they are a bit blurry. ;P
  22. I got a few pictures today and a video that will be uploaded to his channel of him doing some training. Here's a few pictures from today. He's doing well and is learning new commands fast. I'm proud of the little guy
  23. Hey Attila, about Iowa Camp, would very much like to go, will have to see how availability is then. But planning on making sure I have those days free.

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