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  1. I'm hoping that someone here may have the same problem as me and can offer me some helpful advice. Our female husky who will be approaching her 7 year mark with being with us was diagnosed with a skin disorder at almost a year old. Honestly to me it reminds me of cradle cap and has that peculiar odor as well. It flakes dead skin everywhere that you have to brush out with a flea comb to dislodge it from the fur. She constantly digs at herself creating hairless spots, red rashes, scabs, and sores to the point that they bleed. Her hair is no longer lush or gains that thick overcoat, it's almost as if it is weakening and not growing back at all. We have been forced to bathe her almost every week lately in oatmeal baths and head and shoulders shampoo that our vet recommended. I'm actually quite frustrated with our vet, we have gone back consistently year after year and been told a variety of things. First it was a hormonal imbalance that they said would help if she was spayed. She has been spayed after two litters, none of which have the same disorder as her as I kept all pups with close friends. We still have not seen any difference. Next it was she has a grain allergy, we started a grain free diet that did not work. Upon taking her back they said to switch to Purina Pro Sensitive Stomach with salmon formula, she has been on that for well over a year with no results. She has had tests done for fleas and mites, all of which have came back negative. Next it was anxiety, they recommended Adaptil collars which did seem to give her some slight relief but her skin still was not improving. she is under constant supervision and wears a cone but even that it seems to not help improve her overall condition. They now only give me prednisone for her to take for a few days when I take her in. It does help but only because all she physically does is sleep while on them, I really don't prefer my baby drugged up just to get her skin under control and once she's out its back to the same condition. Here is the kicker, when she was carrying a litter it was the ONLY time she ever grew her coat lushly as a huskies should be. Does any one have a husky with this problem? I feel she is miserable and that the vets just keep having us come back over and over with no real results for the money. We have invested a little over a few thousand it vet bills to find a solution to just be handed prednisone or a new recommendation that never works. Please help!
  2. Thats actually the problem, we don't live nearby any pet stores and I'm ordering online. I have no idea how fast she will grow either, this is my first Husky and I got her at 8 weeks old and at 10 weeks she's still the same size.
  3. I have an almost 10 weeks old female husky, I'm currently using a harness my mother got me and I have no idea what size it is but I don't think it will last very much longer. Petco is having a sale and I want to take advantage of it so I've decided to order her a new collar, harness, and leash. Right now the collar I've decided to go with is Medium; Adjustable From 13"-16" Length, I assume that if its a little big on her as I expect it to be? that I can just poke a hole in it for her size. Harness wise I'd like to go with Small; 5/8" Width; 16"-26" Girth. Would this be too small? I don't want to buy something that in just a few weeks she could grow out of, I have the money but I'd like to plan ahead too.
  4. I do agree with this. And hopefully someday it does end. And on another point not addressing that quote is not all puppies and dogs that are in pets store come from BYB's or puppy mills, and more than likely it would be hard to even know if that was so even if papers are there. I just think its a little border line for articles and such to outline to not buy from any place besides accredited. Adopting and rescuing is a great thing as was mentioned. And if I hadn't fallen in love for the pups I saw that just happened to be at certain places I would have opted for that. I know many BYB's that accidentally have litters and I hold nothing against them, the majority I know hand them out for free if that happens and then you have the ones that want to get a bit of easy money out of it, its not right and it shouldn't be condoned but in some ways things happen and you may fall for that pup and want to take it off that breeders hands even if it costs a small pretty penny. That in itself is also wrong, as was said its supporting it, I don't think I'd change my decision now though as all my pups have been the love of my life and I couldn't imagine it without them. For the record as well I saw an accredited breeders grounds once and in my opinion that person raised too many dogs to handle at once, and the grounds weren't clean unless a family made an appointment and it was cleaned in advance. Not all accredited breeders are like that, but there are a good many out there.
  5. I've seen some of the conditions that several dogs have been raised in and it is appalling, I agree with you on many points actually. Our dads old dog a Golden Lab was raised in such conditions, we took him in after those owners put him in the shelter we cared for him for almost 5 years as he was already a very old dog until he passed last month from cancer riddled all through his body. And I do see the heartache that causes, I never seen my dad so heartbroken and it has changed him in so many ways. We don't regret one second that we gave him a home knowing he was a sick dog to begin with and abused on top of that, he deserved every bit of love we could give him and he made an incredible bond with my dad until the day he was gone. Yes, in some ways it is supporting backyard breeders, puppy mills and the like, but to be honest if they do it once more than likely they will do it again. Its sad but I find it even more sadder to see all those puppies and dogs not get any attention or the love they deserve. If someone didn't home them, the simple fact is that they'll probably be neglected, abused, or killed and at least one that you choose to take gets a chance at a loving home. All in all these things aren't going to stop, they'll always be out there and always continue. If one puppy mill or the like is rescued and put to a stop another one is probably there to take its place if not more. Its the cruel fact of the world.
  6. There is a very conflicting issue I've come around when researching Siberian Huskies or any dog in general, and its something that I see in almost every article I've been reading. I actually don't agree with this, I don't really consider it kind at all. I've also come across several that don't say to purchase from backyard breeders. Yes, I agree that when buying a puppy in that type of situation you are running the risk of a sick perhaps neglected puppy that may in the long runcost you more in vet costs, time, training, etc. than that if you were to purchase from an accredited breeder. Then again, there are thousands of puppies and dogs out there that are born in someone's backyard by accident or even on purpose, puppy mills that do it intentionally, pet stores so that they can run a business, thousands of online ads advertising their animals for sale (though you should make sure their is no scam involved). Everytime I come past these articles it just seems as if they are saying they don't deserve a loving home to actually get the chance to grow healthy opposed to living in a shelter their whole life or put down, I just find it rather conflicting. I'm not wishing to argue, I just want to express how I feel. Especially seeing how my first puppy a Pomeranian/Terrier mix was purchased from a pet store and is as healthy as can be because of our love and time we took to care for him. Our newest puppy a Pittbull/Husky/Lab mix is from a backyard breeder and she is the sweetest thing of all time, yes she wasn't in the best conditions but she was taken care for and now she is spoiled and showered with attention and everything she could ask for and has become attached to us. And then there is the arrival of my puppy I'll also be getting from an unaccredited breeder a Siberian Husky that I chose online, and she is raised in conditions that are wonderful and I see nothing wrong with that. Does anyone else have something to throw in with this? I'm just curious as to what other owners think whenever they see an article mention this. My vet even tried to veer us away from all our puppy choices, and here we are later with perfect adorable puppies that I couldn't wish more of.
  7. Aww she does not look happy at all lol. I absolutely love how she pretty much shoves it onto your other dog, wonderful caption on that one!
  8. Our current breeder lives about three and a half hours away and with the cost of gas we can only make one trip down to get our newest addition to our family. We chose her last black and white female based on pictures she had up and took for us at our request, and will be bringing her home on May 16th. I just have to say she's such a cutie! We weren't expecting new pictures until this Friday, but our breeder surprised us and mailed us a few pictures today and I thought I'd share will all of you Husky lovers. Were still at a loss as to what to name her but I'm considering Athena, Shy, Sasha, and Juneau at the moment. Anyone else think of anything that might appeal to her? Sitting with her paws crossed. Sitting. Sitting again.
  9. So its sounds like it just depends solely on the dogs own personality? I really want my puppy to be affectionate with me all the time, of course I don't mind if she goes off on her own to play or anything. I always admired how my boyfriends dog is with his sister and was one the main triggers that made me decide to opt for a female. Plus I figured it would be a whole new experience and that it was time for a female after being around so many males.
  10. A friend of mine brought up a very good point the other day in a conversation at work and since then its been coming back to my mind consistently. I have only ever owned one dog my entire life, a mix of a Terrier/Pomeranian. It so happens that he is a male. I've been around many male dogs and while I know they all have different personalities I usually see all of the same if not similar traits in them. I've only ever really been around one female dog, my boyfriends Husky/Lab mix. She's not that playful at all even though she's still young but that may be because she was raised as an outdoor dog and doesn't really care if someone is around or not. However her real owner my boyfriends sister can be gone for months at a time and she is up her butt the second she sees her. I decided to go with a female Husky pup if any of you have seen my other posts around and its got me wondering how your female Husky acts? I'm also curious to hear from those of you that own both a male and female Husky together and what differences you have noticed.
  11. Oh, Morgen is my name not my location lol. I'm actually from Hustontown, PA. I don't think Allentown where you located at is that far away either from here. I've been looking through the pictures forum and have been looking at peoples Huskys when they were pups and now grown, it is amazing all the changes they go through! Meeka is adorable by the way!
  12. I have posted on the Husky question thread but never got to properly introduced myself. I'm Morgen, from PA and I'll be welcoming my first Siberian Husky pup here come May 16th! This is the little bundle of joy that I'll be taking home with me. I haven't gotten to meet the breeder one on one due to her living so far away (can only make one trip to bring her home with me). Here's a few pictures she's sent me; We have a few names picked out between the boyfriend and I, and we've added a few more to our list. So far we have Athena, Sasha, Shy, and Juneau. I hadn't really noticed before, but does it look as though she has some brown on her? I thought maybe she does but then again the lighting of the pictures could be throwing it off. I've mailed the breeder to ask but she doesn't sign on until tomorrow afternoon and was curious as to what all you thought?
  13. Oh its certainly not that I have anything against KC papers, and we don't plan on breeding on her. We are also in a tight financial situation, not to bad by any means but just don't have the $800 or so dollars that most of the breeders in my area are charging for their KC registered pups. My boyfriend actually owns a Husky/Lab mix and she's a beauty. Pure white, with bi-colored eyes her fur isn't as thick as a Husky's but you can tell she has it in her, I actually mistook her at first sight. We specifically decided to go with another girl this time around so that no accidents would happen in breeding if we had a boy Husky. I've been looking at Kong toys as well! It seems peanut butter is a popular treat to put inside?
  14. Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes! This seems like an amazing community of Husky owners. I've gotten to browse for awhile and I'm amazed at all the Huskys on here, simply lovely! I'm compiling a list of all things I have so far and things that others have mentioned, hopefully all is prepared when I bring my Husky home and I don't miss anything.
  15. I have always wanted a Siberian Husky, my mother owned one around my age (20), and this coming May 16th my boyfriend has decided to purchase a Siberian Husky puppy for my upcoming birthday. This puppy does not come with papers nor is AKC registered, but those things aren't as important to me as just the fact of owning and holding this bundle of joy and adding her to my family. We picked out the smallest of the breeders litter, a remarkable little girl out of a litter of six. We are unsure on just exactly what name we are going to give her but we think we have it narrowed down to Sasha, Athena, or Echo. This is my first Husky and I'd like to know from all of you what preparations I should make these next few weeks at my home, what I may need to bring along with me to the breeder, (collar, leash, etc?), and so forth as well as once she arrives to my home the first things I should do with her.
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