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  1. Awesome, please add Kathy and I to the list, along with Fin and Muon. Hopefully I'd be able to manage cover for the Dog Hotel, we already have bookings. We are planning on coming for the week. Nice post Marc.
  2. Guys, is there an October camp happening this year?
  3. Unfortunately that smack bang in our busy period, we'll have to miss this one and aim for the one at the end of the year.
  4. Awesome pics, love that last one.
  5. Really enjoyed this Husky Camp, thanks for organising guys and gals, we'll defo be at the next one (or maybe any in the meantime), hopefully we'll be able to get cover for the Hotel and we can come for longer.
  6. Bit of husky camp bikejor, awesome intro.
  7. I'm currently making up some videos of the weekend, but here some from the off lead session.
  8. We should be there early on Friday, around lunch time I expect.
  9. Me and Kathy with our two please (Fin and Muon)
  10. That's the sort of thing I'm thinking of, almost a mini children's adventure climbing frame
  11. Hey Racheal, we have a sensory garden already (mainly plants like lavender). A sand pit is a possibility, we have the space :). The different textures I like, we're currently building a low platform with some artificial grass, but we'd like to explore and expand on that.
  12. Apart from the obvious caring side, it's all about fun at the Dog and Spoon. We're introducing more and more outdoor stimulus, i.e. agility obstacles, but we're wanting to build something unique. Ideas? Here's some of our guests.
  13. Kathy and I are missing from the list Plus the two dogs (Fin and Muon)

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