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  1. Hi Alicia, we're based in Alfreton, Derbyshire. Probably too far away for you This video is a little outdated now, we've upgraded, I'll have to post some more.
  2. Kathy and I please, with Fin and Muon and we'll be there for the entire week this time. Looking for a cavern now ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘
  3. Big thanks to the organisers and everyone there, we had a great time. Next year we'll splash out on a full week.
  4. I've been meaning to post this for a while, we thought it would be helpful to someone at sometime in the future. This is purely here as reference ๐Ÿค“. The email is a little long so I'll also summarise as well. We wanted to ensure our girls were in good health as they get older, so we looked at getting some natural remedies to help them along. It turns out that some types had an adverse affect on one of our Huskies, they can block the absorption of Zinc and resulted in some nasty issues. All is good now, but as mentioned above we felt this was something that needed sharing, just in case someone else came across it. On a plus note, I was very impressed with the owners of the product (large company), really went out of their way to document and collect as much information as possible to help. I've attached our original email and the first response, there is more but that not needed . Email (trimmed) Reply (trimmed)
  5. GoPro packed If you haven't seen the 2017 off-lead one (posted at the start of this thread), check it out, it's pretty cool.
  6. We're aiming for early Friday afternoon, but we have some nice comfort static this time
  7. Yes, we've taken great care for the diggers, each side of the enclosure has different defenses, ranging from additional fences, hedging with deep roots, pinned fencing to the ground and wire fencing actually buried on an angle. Most have a mix. We are very paranoid But we know if a dog wants to escape they will (seen too many YouTubes), which is why we are going to ensure dogs are not unattended. That's the plan, we're going to test from now to mid spring, then we'll start advertising.
  8. The posts are 3 meters tall, will just less than a meter in the ground, so they should be around 6.5ft, plus we then have the fence going a little extra beyond that. We're in the middle of testing, but it's already on the cards to extend the fencing at the top to angle inwards, that should help any super jumpers
  9. Almost complete, will be ready for late spring we think. Fin and Muon helping us test the area;
  10. Awesome, please add Kathy and I to the list, along with Fin and Muon. Hopefully I'd be able to manage cover for the Dog Hotel, we already have bookings. We are planning on coming for the week. Nice post Marc.
  11. Guys, is there an October camp happening this year?
  12. Unfortunately that smack bang in our busy period, we'll have to miss this one and aim for the one at the end of the year.
  13. Awesome pics, love that last one.
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