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    I'm Shaylynn, but call me Shai.
    I am engaged to Erick. 12.05.09, engaged 7/11/16 <3
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  1. Welcome to the forums! I joined this site in 2012, way before I got a husky. I always did research on the breed, and despite their challenges I still kept to it. Today I am getting my fur baby! My first husky! I am 21 and a college student studying Veterinary Medicine who also lives with my sister. We have a lot in common, except I did my research lol! I hope you have fun here and gain the knowledge you yearn for. We want more pictures!!!!
  2. Awesome i hope you enjoy him/her:)

  3. Thank you very much! And I know how you feel about wanting a husky... I might be getting one in the summer of 2013.

  4. Happy belated birthday :)!!! I hope you had a good one.:D

  5. Thank you very much and it's fine!

  6. Thank you very much!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!! Feel so bad that I didn't know and missed telling you on your special Day-I hope you had a marvelous Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday :yahoo: Hope you have a fantastic day :)

  9. thanks for the bday greeting :D well experience is the best teacher, you'll know lots more about this breed once you bring your puppy home ;)

  10. Happy Late Birthday! I wanted to let you know for being such a young age, you sure do use your vocabulary very well and you do know a lot more about huskies than myself. I am proud of you! I hope you enjoyed your birthday, dear! :D

  11. Google. I was looking up some Siberian Husky information and I found this helpful site! I now never search Google and I stay on here looking.
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