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  1. Hi everyone, I have a 19 month old rescue husky. I have had him for about 6 months now and he is finally starting to settle and behave!!! I walk him twice daily and in the last month or so, I have noticed that he is starting to eat a lot of grass. He stops during his walk and eats grass for a few minutes until I get him going again. I know that dogs normally eat grass to induce vomiting but Sash is not vomiting at all after eating it. He is eating normally, still very active and shows no signs of illness - he does quite often burp after he has eaten his kibble. Is this something I should be worried about?? Maybe there is something going on inside that I don't know about?? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone. My 16 month old husky is continually biting me. It starts off playful but then gets harder and harder until it bruises. I have tried giving him something to chew but that doesn't work. I have tried putting him outside but he howls and carries on. He gets exercise twice daily. In the morning before work and when I get home. He normally bites as soon as he wakes and before he goes to bed. He doesn't do it with anyone else. Just me!!! He also knows that we walk every morning at 5:45am and he is in a routine. But it's getting to the point where he's starting to wake earlier and earlier (4:45am) and cause a fuss until he gets to go. Jumps at the door and howls until I let him inside and then he will bite until we go. This is happening every morning now. Help please!
  3. I am so sorry for your loss! It is absolutely devastating! Your poor pup. Thanks so much for the information regarding what happened to your pup. My vet told me not to bother about post mortem as it was super expensive and "wasn't going to bring her back". It made me think the medication he prescribed for her may have had something to do with it because she was extremely healthy prior to her sore shoulder. Still feel lost as I don't have any answers. But I have my new boy to focus on and far out I have my work cut out for me!! Haha
  4. I have only given him half a tablet twice and it calms him down a lot. Mainly for the purpose of being able to drive with him in the car. I live 3 hours away from my friends and family so often have to do the drive with Sash - he is quite uneasy in the car. I have moved everything out of reach and it seems he has stopped chewing things in the last few weeks - hooray! I think exercise has proven to help a lot aswell. Walking and running him twice daily for an hour wears him out and then he sleeps! The only other thing is food. When we are cooking/eating I put him outside and he cries until we let him back in. He can see us at all times but still wants to be inside with us! I often give him a bone or raw hide to entertain him but he isn't interested! sash is 15 months old so still a pup!
  5. Hi everyone, Just thought I would ask a question in this forum as I have already asked about the medication that was given to Keno. My new boy Sash (we are his third owner!!) seems to have some sort of anxiety. Wherever we go in the house, he follows. If we are home he will do anything to get our attention - chew clothes, chew remotes, take shoes etc. He hates being outside if we are home and will dig up the garden. But when we aren't home he howls for a bit and then he is fine - no destruction no nothing! Also I am unable to drive in the car with sash on my own. I have tried treats, seatbelt harness, other people to hold him back but he just goes crazy and wants to sit on my lap!!! Is this behaviour normal for a husky? My last husky was happy to be independent and away from people for periods of time. I have been to the vet and they have given me clomicalm tablets to calm him down. Does anyone have experience with this medication and are there any side effects? Thanks in advance!!!
  6. This is Sash, our beautiful new boy. He's 13 months old and very cheeky! Thank you all for your condolences and thoughts on the passing of keno!
  7. No they didn't perform a necropsy. I asked but the vet said "there is no point - it is not going to bring her back" I thought that was a bit insensitive considering how out of the blue her death was and how devastated we were. On a brighter note - I have adopted a beautiful husky boy Sash into our family. He is very cheeky and knows how to test boundaries! Polar opposite to my late girl - but we will get there!
  8. Thanks everyone - she was one beautiful girl and I miss her every minute of every day!
  9. Hi everyone, my beautiful girl passed away in her sleep last night. She was 7.5 years old and was super healthy with no symptoms of being ill. In the last 3 weeks she hurt her front shoulder and couldn't walk properly. We took her to the vet and she was given painkillers. Her leg didn't get better with rest and she passed away in her sleep. I am devastated as the vet hasn't given me any answers and she was my world. The painkillers she was given was previcox and after a bit of research i found that this drug can kill dogs. Has anyone given this drug to their husky? I'm also wondering if anyone has had a husky that has hurt their shoulder and what the symptoms were? From what we thought was just an injured shoulder turned into the worst possible scenario!! Any information would be greatly appreciated and hopefully put my mind at rest.
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