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  1. Many thanks to you all for your kind words. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159229510443120&id=560968119&sfnsn=scwspmo
  2. Luna bid us a fond farewell, yesterday, when she finally lost her courageous battle against cancer. What a privilege to have had the companionship of such a fine majestic being in my life. This is not a time for sadness - but a time for reflection, hope and optimism for the future. At a time when we are all fighting our own battles, during these uncertain times, let's not forget the comfort and solace that our companions bring to our table. Let's hope that 2021 is a little kinder to us ALL. Please take care out there and stay safe.
  3. Skye, (my 3 year old female), is exhibiting similar behaviour although she will still run outside, (for a few minutes), but then comes in of her own acord, (totally unlike her as you have to call her in usually), and then she heads straight for her crate and she won't come out. Skye has not been speyed. She is eating but appears listless and will then run back and forth be for settling down once again. I have felt her and she does not have any obvious abnormalities and she shows no sign of discomfort. I took her to the vets, yesterday, and all observations were fine and s
  4. Just lost another posting - lost my wi-fi connection just as I was previewing it!!!!!! Still it has spared you all from viewing another of my lengthy missives!

    1. BingBlaze n Skyla

      BingBlaze n Skyla

      usually if u go into full edit mode it will be able 2 restore some of your content as it auto-saves

  5. Just walked from Greenwich to Tower Bridge to see the poppies - a very humbling experience.

  6. Brian, poignant words that mean so much. Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom with us all.
  7. So engrossed in the forum, this afternoon, that I very nearly missed my station!!

    1. Sarah


      lol! I've nearly done that before now lol

    2. Marc
  8. Can't you tell that I am on the train again - by the number and frequency of my posts today!

  9. Enjoyed a very pleasant, (and warm), run through the Ironbridge Gorge yesterday - thanks for your kind wishes! Now back to reality as I head back down to London!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. goingsolo


      Wish I'd known woukd have come say hello. ( live 3 miles away)

    3. Martian


      Goingsolo - that is very unfortunate. We were all very impressed with the area - I will let you know if we decide to run it again next year! Take care.

    4. goingsolo


      Please do :) always good to meet another husky owner. Ironbridge my fave place.

  10. Currently en route to Ironbridge in order to run the 'Much Wenlock Half Marathon' tomorrow morning!

    1. Sarah


      Good luck!!

    2. Carly


      Hope it's not too hot for you, good luck though!

    3. Val (Zebedee)

      Val (Zebedee)

      you are going to faint from heat exhaustion in this!! Good luck :-)

  11. Currently sitting on a seat at Grantham station waiting for the next train to Bingham!

  12. Half day today, en route home, check up on Skye, lunch, pack walk and then off to Motown concert in Nottingham!

  13. About to pop down to the vets so that Skye can meet them!

  14. Some great pictures have already been posted so here are a few pictures of three members of our 'pack-' this afternoon - apologies for being a little late! There's: - Luna - 'To Infinity & Beyond'. Skye - 'Not sure if I am tired or just hungry'). And Cassie - 'Just as scruffy as ever - but still totally adorable'! Lisa became camera shy and ran off into the kitchen!
  15. Up at 4 to catch early train to Manchester for meeting!

    1. Carly


      oooo,thats a horrid thought....

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