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  1. Many thanks to you all for your kind words. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10159229510443120&id=560968119&sfnsn=scwspmo
  2. Luna bid us a fond farewell, yesterday, when she finally lost her courageous battle against cancer. What a privilege to have had the companionship of such a fine majestic being in my life. This is not a time for sadness - but a time for reflection, hope and optimism for the future. At a time when we are all fighting our own battles, during these uncertain times, let's not forget the comfort and solace that our companions bring to our table. Let's hope that 2021 is a little kinder to us ALL. Please take care out there and stay safe.
  3. Skye, (my 3 year old female), is exhibiting similar behaviour although she will still run outside, (for a few minutes), but then comes in of her own acord, (totally unlike her as you have to call her in usually), and then she heads straight for her crate and she won't come out. Skye has not been speyed. She is eating but appears listless and will then run back and forth be for settling down once again. I have felt her and she does not have any obvious abnormalities and she shows no sign of discomfort. I took her to the vets, yesterday, and all observations were fine and she prescribed an anti inflammatory just in case of any swelling? I will take her back tomorrow morning as I guess the next step is a blood test? All three of my other girls, (and Barney the cat), are fine!
  4. My sincerest thanks to you all for your very kind words. I take solace in the fact that Julie is now free from pain and that her spirit is free to start a new adventure. I am blessed with the company of my 4 companions otherwise the cottage would now seem empty. Will be looking for a local 'minder' who will be able to look after the pack whilst I am out dealing with various issues - although I will be very choosy as to whom I will allow to look after them all in my absence. Take great care everybody.
  5. It is with great sadness that I fnd myself being the purveyor of further sad news from Lincolnshire. My wife of 34 years, (and fellow Husky carer), passed away earlier this morning so I am currently having to face many potential changes to my current lifestyle. I am sincerely hoping that I will not have to break up my pack. I am sure that I am not the first, (and most certainly not the last), person to find themselves not only losing a partner but also having to worry about the other 'family members'. Apologies for yet another piece of depressing news in what should, otherwise, be a slightly happier place.
  6. Martian


    And two superb facial expressions in the second set of pictures.
  7. Rob, Jason, Many thanks for your advice. May I ask what is the optimum ground clearance and is there any advantage to suspension? I was an avid cyclist and I have a decent mountain bike and a decent 'urban' bike, (and two Racing bikes), and all 4 are very different but very well suited to their specific areas. I appreciate that disc brakes WILL be a required feature! I have used shock absorber technology when we first acquired Luna, (she was a puller but has since relented), and it made a huge difference and was far more comfortable. All of our dogs are insured, (but I will read the 'small print), as I have one particular 4m route that consists of a square made up of 4 public roads, (only one being a 'main' road - and even then the most vehicles encountered at any one time has been about 4)! My other local envisaged route is a public footpath, (it is not frequented by many people - I havd only encountered one other person using it in the last 2 years)! Transportation should not be an issue as we now have two 4x4's, (specifically purchased for the pack), although both are currently in pieces as I attempt to renovate them both! I will check our sponsors site for suitable harnesses.
  8. Martian


    I always associate 'Fog' and 'Mist' with Pirates, (not sure why), and there lies some very cheesy jokes so we had better not go therrrrrrrrrrre!
  9. After 2+ years of deliberation I am now in a position to 'invest' in a Scooter in order to add an alternative exercise regime to our existing exercise regime. We have 4 'companions', (Luna - Husky 7 yrs, Cassie - Labradoodle 6 yrs, Lysa - Sprollie - 6 yrs and Skye - Husky x - 3 yrs), and I am reasonably sure that they will all be happy to 'team up', (in pairs), to pull a scooter, (famous last words)! I always exercise them in pairs, (Luna and Lysa together and Cassie and Skye together), and my primary mode of exercise is walking and my second mode is running. I have also taken them out, occasionally, on my bicycle - but I take great care to ensure that they do not pull me, (although this can be a tad difficult for the first 250 metres as they are so excited), but it has now sewn the seeds for me to try a Scooter. I therefore need to decide on which Scooter to purchase, (I am not intending to 'advertise' but I suspect it will be the Pawtrekker), and I don't mind purchasing a 'used' model, (if it is in good condition), although they do not come up for sale very often and, (when they do), they are always located 100's of miles away from where I live! I will also need to purchase new harnesses and would appreciate your advice regarding the best type, (X Back, etc), and any other equipment that I need to consider, (including pad balm)! I am fortunate in having a number of single track roads all around me, (with minimal traffic) but I am wary of the fact that too much running/walking on tarmac surfaces could be detrimental to joints and/or pads? We also have lots of 'off road' routes, (wide enough for a Scooter), that I can also use to 'vary' the routes. One last question will be that of the 'frequency' of Scooter outings as I do not want to 'over exercise' the pack!! I would therefore welcome any advice that members may wish to offer me and please accept my apologies, in advance, for revisiting a well covered subject.
  10. Excellent post! I tend to get 'dragged' around our 'local' Morrisons, (by my wife Julie - on a regular basis), so we will make some enquiries. Julie does pick up the 'odd treat' from the meat counter, (primarily heart, mince and liver - but not too often - don't want to spoil them all too much), but we have to pay for this!
  11. Taken the day off today to attend the funeral of a good friend - Christopher Hagar. Chris was born in West Yorkshire but moved to Lincolnshire, (approximately 20 years ago), and my wife and I had the pleasure of knowing him, (albeit briefly), for the past two years since we moved to our cottage in Lincolnshire. Chris was a farmer and spent his entire life with various types of livestock, (the past few years being devoted to rearing his beloved sheep), and I have never seen anyone so knowledgeable and caring for his animals, (not to mention the ducks, geese, chickens and cats as well)! Chris was the first 'local' to welcome us into our cottage and he has assisted me with numerous 'projects' during the past couple of years - such as the erection of a sturdy metal farm gate and some additional fencing, (to keep all of our animals safe), and he also assist me to rebuild my workshop, (late last year), otherwise that would still be lying, (in pieces), against the garden fence! He just managed to bring all his new lambs home, safely, before it was time for him to leave.
  12. Very interesting - Tsunami sounds just like Skye. I guess that one factor in Skye's favour is that she loves to run so she does have a good layer of, (albeit thin), muscle beneath her skin but, (despite all the exercise), she still will not 'bulk out' but she seems perfectly happy in herself but, (like yourself), I do worry that she may be a tad fragile in her build. Keep us updated. Please pass on my regards to the Southern Hemisphere as I used to live in Pretoria back in the 1980's!
  13. Skye is extremely thin too despite the fact that she eats for England! She must have a high metabolic rate but the downside is that she does not have any subcutaneous fat to protect her from the everyday knocks and bangs, (not to mention the usual 'argy bargy' with our 'attack' Labradoodle who would make a great Police dog as she has a vice like grip, (but without marking the skin as she has perfected the 'bite reflex' to an Olympic level), but will stop as soon as you tell her and she then reverts back to being a 'doo lally' doodle!! I will try and get some video of her 'play fighting' as, (to the uninitiated'), she really does look/sound ferocious and could easily be mistaken for a very aggressive dog - which is definitely not the case!
  14. Looks like a great day out. Who says dogs don't smile!
  15. Hope that it now settles down and requires no further intervention. Always worrying when things 'crop up' - more so when it then becomes one of many 'incidents' in a short period of time!
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