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  1. Happy birthday keiko xxx

    1. LittleLuka


      Happy birthday Keiko! mine's tomorrow, we were almost twins :)

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  2. Getting so fed up with Skye barking at every single dog that comes past our garden! She has even just nocked a whole can of beer onto the floor due to it grrrr

  3. I brought Ziva to work and this dumb girl is freaking out about the husky hair getting on her, bwahahahah!

    1. LittleLuka


      tell her not to come over to my house then! lol

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  4. Fingers crossed that I am able to go into the shelter here and train the dogs on weekends

  5. It's been nearly 9 months since I changed my status.

  6. Balto just had his first AKC puppy star class!!!!

  7. Don't wait a week to fix your vacuum ever....

    1. LittleLuka


      well the belt broke and i procrastinated and didn't buy one for a week because i thought it wasn't THAT bad... WRONG. lol

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