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  1. am i allowed to use the word douchebag on here?
  2. haha maybe this time i won't get myself in trouble and i can actually attend
  3. love the wine one! they look fab!
  4. Hey yall Hope everyone is doing great! i've been swamped with life in general and haven't really had the time to be on here like i used to. I've finally decided to be more active again and catch up with everyone. I've missed everyone! And of course here's some recent pics for those who don't have me as a friend on facebook... Me and My Knox [he takes great pictures i know ] Muddy Luka cute little pittbull My boys!
  5. :rofl: why yes actually.
  6. actually no. haha I still have Tahoe. he is supposed to go for a visit with a potential adopter this week. sooo FINGERS CROSSED!
  7. Sorry y'all! Haven't been able to be around! Life's been busy. Got a promotion, had my roommate move out, and got in a little trouble. :/ I'm sad I have to miss camp this year due to something that came up that drained my savings however I'm about to start saving for next year because I will be back! Haha miss you all!
  8. it's a possibility i may come this year. only thing is Knox being carsick but he might be okay if i crate him.
  9. working on coming still. only thing that might prevent me is starting a new job. should know for sure in the next month or so :/
  10. welll i know that! i mean to eachother lol. luka generally listens. he actually listens better to me now than a few months ago.
  11. Okiedokie, i mentioned around a week ago that Luka was acting like a little craphead. excuse my term, but what i'd really like to call him isn't forum friendly haha. Here's my next question.... I was talking to my Rescue director and she mentioned that Luka is way too young to really be in an alpha role and not to mention that she doesn't think he's really a dominant dog. She thinks he may be confused as he's been pushed into that position and not really sure what he's doing. I obviously only have 2 dogs of my own but i have 2 fosters and my roommate has also added a dog. He's a puppy but he challenges Luka on a weekly basis. I watch and try to let them work it out because that's what i've always heard to do. I do however find it odd that a 7 month puppy finds it necessary to challenge an almost 2 year old. Luka obviously isn't going to back down and I eventually have to break it up or else i worry that luka will rip his head off. Tahoe loves Luka and he's submissive so he could care less. Zoey is the same with him. and Knox well he's always been around Luka so no issues there. It's Rhett. and I must say it doesn't help that I seriously can't stand him. I feel horrible saying that but he literally drives me insane. Maybe it's the fact that I feel like i'm constantly taking care of him and he's not my dog but his personality doesn't help things either. My question is should i let them work it out or try to intervene more since it's obviously affecting Luka's behavior? and How can i try not to dislike a dog that drives me insane?
  12. Exactly my thoughts lol. which is why i get this....
  13. good luck at the vet tomorrow! i understand how you feel to an extent, i swear it seems like Knox has a freaking new issue every day. It starts to take it's toll on you. Just take a deep breath and try to relax. Everything will work out. Don't beat yourself up for being frustrated, it doesn't make you a bad owner, just human. Yukon knows you love him.
  14. luka and tahoe haven't wanted to stay outside here either and it's only like 25 degrees. and luka is blowing his coat right now!!!!!!! UGH poor knox, i've got to get him a jacket. he freezes
  15. lee messaged me and told me on facebook lol.... i'm not the brightest
  16. well i need to know the dates!!!!!! the yank has a plane ticket to book in advance lol
  17. I constantly bring huskies into my pack as i foster. My routine is as follows: Bring the new dog into my backyard through the gate. I don't let the dog come into my house yet. i then let Luka my male husky out. Then I add Knox my pitbull. He's nervous but is comfortable with Luka. Luka likes everyone generally so when Knox sees Luka being fine he is too. I currently have 2 male huskies, 1 male mix (my roommates no idea what he is), 1 female husky x, and 1 pitbull x. It's challenging at first and there are disagreements but it's not that hard to introduce.
  18. don't think you're being too harsh. i would FLIP if anyone besides myself, my mom, or the director of the husky rescue i work with, walked Luka. I wouldn't even let my roommate walk him without myself being present. I know how you feel. they are your dogs, you put the time in, you take care of them, so it's YOUR rules.
  19. rice never works for me either with Luka. i just starve him for 24 hours and he's good as new afterwards.
  20. haha yep! and looking for a good deal on a plane ticket
  21. he's already neutered. yeah i think i just need to stand my ground and be firm with him. thanks Nix! yeah i'm starting to think it's a little of him picking up habits from Tahoe and then him going through the "teenage years". Unfortunately for him, i run my house so he will learn haha def. what i think too.
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