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    i love harry potter, peace signs, sharks, and huskies of course. I'm also never on time.
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  1. myself recently (i'm the girl)
  2. so sad i missed secret santa :(

    1. Jay


      I know! We could have used more US people!

    2. Sarah


      message Nix maybe she can do something?x

  3. Ill update... Me on the right with my roommate
  4. Luka chewed up his WYDWL..... :(

    1. winterchillz


      I just can't accept the fact he did something naughty while starting at your avatar. He's such a lovely boy <3

  5. i love Luka too much to take the chance of losing him. Knox can be let off lead but i rarely do that either
  6. i think i'm pretty chatty today...

  7. LittleLuka

    new sig

  8. Can't wait for Husky Camp 2014!!

  9. Knox gets neutered next week. i have never been so excited LOL

  10. BIG adoption event tomorrow! Wish the puppies luck that need forever homes!

  11. so much to do, so little time

  12. Luka is 1 tomorrow!! :D

  13. Don't wait a week to fix your vacuum ever....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Marc
    3. HuskyGuerl


      i went 2 weeks without one once had too borrow my moms lets just say a BIG mistake good thing hers was a bagless!!

    4. LittleLuka


      well the belt broke and i procrastinated and didn't buy one for a week because i thought it wasn't THAT bad... WRONG. lol

  14. You look so pretty storm!!
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