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    Rebecca Kirkpatrick
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    England, northumberland
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    hey, im Rebecca
    Im a 14yr old girl from Newcastle..
    I have a 5yr old husky called Argento and a senegal parrot called Uno. When i finish school im aspiring to be a vet.
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    Animals, science, music and art

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  1. Aw thank you, his name is the doctors home planet (doctor who nerd)
  2. Thanks a lot! Have looked on the Internet but for the amount of material used the prices are silly
  3. Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone made/could make a bearded dragon harness (preferably adjustable) for my Gallifrey (bigger one in the picture) -Beccs
  4. Beccs


    Hey guys, so a while back there was talk of a yearbook in which i produced as story for. I was just wondering what happened about it and if it ever got finished.. hopefully someone knows
  5. Beccs

    Im Back!

    thank you hehe xx
  6. Beccs

    Doctor Who

    The Snowmen and i watched all of them back to back a few days before christmas
  7. Thank you and well we got told he was one but im not exactly sure.. the feeding takes a long time to get used to, crickets, hoppers and mealworms EW haha!
  8. Thank you oh your a doctor who fan? i am obsessed haha
  9. Beccs

    Doctor Who

    oh wow! what did you guys think of the recent doctor who christmas special?
  10. Hello, i was wondering if someone could attempt to make me a new signature, as my old one is out of date Please include, the one photo of my horse Tiarna, one photo of my bearded dragon (your choice) and one of argento (your choice) thanks you in advance
  11. Beccs

    Doctor Who

    Hey, is anyone a fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock or Merlin? Just Wondering
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