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  1. Hi, I know it's probably too late, but I'm just up the road if you are still desperate x


    Hi, sorry i havent been on h-o in ages due to being so busy with wedding shopping and stuff so haven had a chance to update this thread... Thankyou so much for your offer but i found a place a few weeks ago, a lovely little place in the countryside where the dogs are able to play and roam freely in an enlcosed space throughout the day :D .. Thanks again for your offer it was very kind :)   x

    Will post on her Facebook she's not online much now

    Cheers Nix for letting me know :D

  2. Hiya guys, hope everyones all good and all those at camp are having a whale of a time :D


    Was just wondering if those of you on Facebook could help me out and like my fb page 'Cake Muncher' where i am advertising the cakes/cupcakes I make? It would help a lot and id love any sort of feedback or ideas that anyone would have on how to improve my products! Thanks a bunch!!!! :D 


    Link to my page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cake-Muncher/387391854736797




  3. You have just described my 8 year old "witch" Myshka to a T :lol: :lol:


    Mehjy, where do you live? Is there anyone local like a house sitter that perhaps your vet can recommend to go in a few times a day? They normally get to know reputable dog sitters. Is he an indoor dog or could he stay in an outdoor kennel / run of a day?

    Aha, thank goodness its not only Kai!  Hmm, didnt consider asking the vets, will deffo try that too if i don't find someone on here, thanks!

  4. Depends on the area you're in... If you're in the Leicestershire area I MAY be able to help you but still wouldn't you feel better off with her being with a relative or something?



    Unfortunately im in the Birmingham area, and yes family/friends would have been my first idea but none of my relatives like or know how to look after dogs never mind huskies and all of my friends either own cats or small yappy dogs who don't get on well with bigger dogs ...

    Depends where bout you are im more then happy to help.


  5. Hi guys! Um, i hope this is ok to post this on here, if not someone let me know...


    Ok, i am going on holiday in july for about 5 weeks for my sisters wedding (excited!!!!!!) Now i was wondering whether there is anyone on here who dog sits or would be willing to dog sit Kai. I obviously would prefer a fellow husky owner to look after him and am definitely not putting him into kennels and am sure i can find other arrangements if needed but i really wanted to put it up here first and see if there's anyone on here that would be able to help as i feel that other husky owners are really the only ones who completely understand the husky personality and behavior.


    Now a bit of info on the devil dog himself...

    Kai is a 3 year old husky but still acts like a complete pup. He is very hyper and loves his walks/runs. He doesnt get on well with small furries, he doesnt try to hurt them but the way he pounces around them im worried he'd accidentally squash them :P He can be a little mouthy and sometimes just needs a stern word to put him back in his place. He requires at least 2-3 walks a day and normally after his walks is quite calm and just chills. He cannot by any means be let off the lead at all and his recall at times can be appalling, he knows that you're calling him but his stubbornness means he just wont listen. Another of the husky traits he takes very seriously is being an escape artists, he will definitely require someone with a fully fenced yard to look after him and they will need to keep a close eye not to leave him unattended in the garden as he likes to redecorate gardens by digging, and sometimes even trying to destroy fence panels (yes seriously, he breaks them with his teeth). He can be quite stubborn and a typical husky and i know that the way ive described him he sounds like a demon dog but hes not all bad, he does like a good cuddle and loves nothing better than to play with other dogs , go on his walks and then relax.   


    Now of course i will be providing his food, bed, bedding, toys, lead, harness and bowls and will also be paying you to look after him so if you think that you can take on the challenge of dog sitting my ASBO pup, please let me know of any details, any questions you may have and prices of looking after him for 5 weeks.


    Also, i have told you of all the bad habits he has (im sure theres more lol) and this is the really important bit, if anyone does decide that they can help me out and look after him for me, i need you to ensure me that he will be looked after the same way as you would your own pups, the thought of leaving him seriously stresses me out and worries me so much so i need total reassurance that whoever looks after him will treat him well even when he is being a pain and acting up. Regardless of the way he acts, im sure you can all understand, he is still my baby and i just want him well looked after. 


    Thanks !!! :)

  6. From one Thai boxer to another, Chok Dee with all your training :) Training Muay Thai is the prefect excuse to visit Thailand for a few weeks!!

    Aaah Thank you :) And that sound amazing! I definitely want to visit Thailand now, looks like Im gonna have to go on vacation soon :P

  7. Good on you have fun doing it!

    I've been thinking about doing mma for a while might wait until my son is old enough to do it with him :)

    MMA looks awesome, didnt actually realise it would be so so much fun!!! Absolutely love it!    And ive just recently passed grading so im no longer a beginner, in the intermediates class now which means plenty of sparring! Wicked :P

  8. Good on you. Martial arts of any form is good providing you use it properly. It teaches you to defend yourself, it gives you focus and teaches you self discipline. I did Tae Kwon Do for 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Have fun ;)




    Yup, thats true, you never know when you would need to use something like that especially with some people we have around nowadays...feels good to know that if i ever did need to defend myself id know how :) and thanks, i deffo will be having fun :P

  9. well done you gain loads from the arts no matter witch one you chose and if you stick at it trust me the ladies end up with way more respect and when you are in the ring it doesnt matter if its a guy or a girl you are against all that matters is winning  


    Yeah, i used to do a bit of judo when i was younger so was missing the martial arts that's why i decided to get into this...Gonna be a while before im good enough to get into the ring but once i do, whether its a boy or girl, im kicking arse! :P

    I used to do Thai with someone called Aby. Would absolutly love to see her visit your gym because she would kick most arses LOL


    Aha! She sounds great! 

    welcome home :D :D ooh Muay Thai that's cool :) they're not really popular here though so I have only seen this martial art on TV..


    wait so does that mean your trainer is really nice or is he really cute? :lol:

    Glad to be back :)  And hes both, lol he really is just perfect!

  10. Hey guys, haven't been active on here for a few weeks, now, been busy with work (meh) and generally other stuff so thought id let you guys know that ive taken up Muay Thai.... and am absolutely loving it!!!   It is honestly one of the best decision ive made and its so so so much fun! 

    The only slight downside is that  nearly all of the others in my groups are boys , this is where their ego kicks in and they moan about partnering with a girl cause 'no one wants to hit a girl'....not that it bothers me, this just means i can hit as hard as i want and they cant complain....... and oh i nearly forgot the best bit, my trainer is an absolute babe!!!  :wub:   The guy is like seriously the definition  of perfection! Now that is what i call motivation ;)

  11. Ooooh 


    I like: anything to do with animals/dogs/huskies. I love hats, chocolate (but not white), cannot have anything with gelatine/alcohol basically as long as its suitable for vegetarians and no alcohol its ok. Favourite colours blue and yellow  :D


    Kai likes: Nearly all chews, treats and toys, Doesn't like: ropes, rawhide, any pork flavored treats and nothing from Bakers.  



  12. Do i still have time to join?


    Claire (cas)
    Christie snowpaws
    Sarah aka ginge 



    ANYWHERE (unless otherwise stated by brackets)
    *SolitaryHowl (US, Canada, Mexico only)
    *Jason Schrader (US, Canada, Mexico only)


  13. Hey guys was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a birmingham husky meet/walk, now the meeting area isnt very big and is more of a long pathway through a woody area but id love it if Kai could meet some friends (other breeds welcome too ). The address of the place is  Hodge Hill Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands B34 6DR   Its right next to the raven pub so you cant really miss it.           Oh yeah i was thinking of meeting up some time next week????     Anyone interested?? 

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