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  1. It is becoming more and more difficult these days to say what exactly the Siberian Husky has become. i have been around the breed for about 16 years and in that time I have seen a lot of Huskies. In the early days, you could say 'Yes, that is a Siberian Husky' Unfortunately due to a complete lack of any control over breeding we are at the stage where unless you buy a pup from an accredited breeder who has an ongoing history of producing good quality pure Huskys, then sadly you are going to end up a poor quality, back yard bred 'Huskyish' dog and all the flaws that go with it in terms of he
  2. Should show pitapata if you have entered the correct code. You want the bbcode or forum code

  3. Hi Marc - I am trying to add a pitpata signature. I have edited my signature and imported the pitapata but it is showning as a stream of data. Should it show as the pita pata or will it automatically revert to that next time I post

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