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  1. It is becoming more and more difficult these days to say what exactly the Siberian Husky has become. i have been around the breed for about 16 years and in that time I have seen a lot of Huskies. In the early days, you could say 'Yes, that is a Siberian Husky' Unfortunately due to a complete lack of any control over breeding we are at the stage where unless you buy a pup from an accredited breeder who has an ongoing history of producing good quality pure Huskys, then sadly you are going to end up a poor quality, back yard bred 'Huskyish' dog and all the flaws that go with it in terms of health. I love Huskys and I also love 'Husky Mutts' so its not a criticism of anyone who doesn't own a pure bred Husky, merely an observation of how i see the Husky World now.
  2. Ah, just noticed it is grounded on the seat. I suppose I just didn't bother clipping it up all round !
  3. I have one but never hook the front bits to the front seats. My girl just sits in the back (on this cover ) with her harness clipped to the seat belt . I was thinking that the uncertainty of the loose base would cause the dog to be more stressed if it tried standing up. You know what dogs are like if they are uncertain of the ground.
  4. You need to look for a reputable Husky breeder. The ads in local paper and Gumtree or Preloved are usually puppy farmed in atrocious conditions or back yard breeders (BYB's), people who meet each other on the street with the remark 'You wanna breed it mate?' with no proper health history for the pups like hip scoring etc. There is some lower form of registration, which I cant just recall - its not Kennel Club, which people refer to when they say 'Theve got papers' I'm sure someone with fill this detail in for me.
  5. Looks like a British Blue to me. Very beautiful cat
  6. Has anybody seen any update to this story ? There was supposed to be a Post Mortem at the end of last week. I cant find any further information.
  7. I have read a dozen reports of this, and I agree, it doesn't add up at the moment. The latest update says there will be more information at the end of the week, when the post mortem will take place. However I read that the parents have been released but were originally detained on manslaughter charges. This is standard procedure though I think. It sounds like the dog must be a husky/mal cross, because there was a mention of blue eyes somewhere and its extremely rare to get a Mal with blue eyes. The part that worried me was that the chap bought the dog in a pub 'because the people didn't want it'. Does that suggest it was a problem dog ? - yet neighbours say it was quite docile. Still, a terrible tragedy. Also, as mentioned, our breed is going to come under scrutiny again.
  8. My 3 and half year old girl did 8 miles the other day.
  9. I did the same thing. My girl had escaped from the back garden into woodlands behind. I thought I had lost her; I was running up and down through the woods calling with no luck then when I thought I was going to have a heart attack she just came trotting down a path. I must have passed her several times when she was engrossed in the shrubbery. I fixed the gap in the fence she had made, then a couple of days later I put her out in the garden. About 10 minutes later someone knocked at the door and I was there for about another 5 mins. I went back out in the garden - and she was gone. I panicked again and was running round demented calling her name. I turned round to run in to get a lead and phone and there she was lying in her crate. I swear she was laughing at me !
  10. Lovely. Big D will always be with you now.
  11. Female Siberian Huskys should be slender. With regards to stool samples, they should be tested when warm and fresh. That's why the vets usually do it there, rather than just ask for a sample. The reason being, that any parasite can die off as the stool ages. I believe I am right on this - anyone feel free to correct me.
  12. Well done ! You certainly saved your dogs life. I would do anything to protect my girl. Don't feel guilty because you had to hurt the other dog. They are tough and you wont have done the other dog any lasting harm.
  13. 'spraying oil' is a bit vague isn't it. Does he mean from the exhaust or out of some part of the engine. MOT wouldn't necessarily itentify and engine problem , would it ?
  14. Virgin is unbeatable for consistant high speed. It always has been. They started it all on the fibre optic cable. Sky and BT now try and make out that 'High speed fibre is here' It always has been here with cable !! I am on 60 mb speed and get 62 constantly. I take no notice of 'customer service better than so and so' like Baulk Baulk claim. If you have a rubbish product to start with - well enough said about them.
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