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  1. Where does everyone get there's from? Need some new ones.
  2. A mixture. Complained about the mess even though we are out 2-4 times a day cleaning up. Complains about barking although Logan only barks when provoked, freyja well she has a husky voice and voices it when he doesn't do as he is told, you know a normal woman lol. Think it's down to him coming to the back end of his life and she is young. 7 and 3 in our years. They have made complains that our dogs are vicious. lol. You couldn't meet 2 dogs that are any softer. Both lick you to death. One who only wants to chill and another that goes mental when it sees another person. She is like come on over here I want a lick, where you going I just want a small lick and maybe a belly rub.
  3. Like korben Dallas said Whoa, lady, I only speak two languages, English and bad English. Lol
  4. That's not a bad idea as a backup if anything ever happens. My son has brain damage and I know the doc we see would write up a letter to make sure they never leave. If they went he would of been devastated.
  5. Well we got the phone call today........ It's all good, we can keep our dogs. In among my anger I did something I don't like doing and complained about our neighbour. Now they are being investigated, for something far worse. I don't like doing it but I'm sick of them. Ah well its finished, now celebrate with a couple of pigs feet.
  6. GHOST R1D3R

    Sad Day

    We live in a council property and have our neighbours complaining about us all the time. Been here for over 3 years. Had a review and now they say we needed written proof to have our dogs. Which we never have had, nor has it been an issue until now. Before we moved in, can we have any animals- sure you can. Bought 2 dogs. No problems until now. now they are claiming that they might make us get rid of our dogs. you know I'm freaking out a bit, I love my dogs just like my wife and kids. All they do is complain about us yet we are nice a pie to everyone, I keep my self, well to myself. If they tell me to get rid of them I will explode, housing officer will get the first lot then the little not nic person next door will have his teeth kicked in. I'm not a violent person but I have a breaking point. Then I'd be forced into bringing back my snakes. If they don't like 2 dogs, they will hate being next door to 2 fully grown Burmese pythons. Or maybe a few red tailed boas. Rant over
  7. I AM A ROBOT. Exterminate Exterminate............ I must be fat,male and heartless cos all thought was nice burger's and that she had a cracking pair of legs. If it was mine I would feel different.
  8. Been searching for some and most say accident only. A result of a sudden and unexpected injury. Are they saying if the dog breaks a leg ect or does it cover stuff like hip and eye problems etc. Thanks in advance
  9. What size lead do you guys use? Thinking of going from 20 to 50ft
  10. Or man in this case, asked the wife if we could get another dog and she said no. But told her I wanted another baby and she did to me what I did to her and said I should get another dog instead woo woo. Won't be for months though cos the bike either needs a repair or new engine. Think I fancy either a Woolley coat or wolf grey. What sex do you guys think? I'm thinking female. Already got: Grey male aged 5 years, adopted around a year to 18 months ago Black/white/red female 2 years old, had her since she was 8 weeks old
  11. Caught Thor eating the wife's underwear lol
  12. Hi, Wife has it in her head that freyja is pregnant. So I was hoping someone could help.but she is a fussy husky also Wants more love the last couple of month Stays in our bedroom more,sometimes when I'm not there. Paces every so often Off her food, but she is a fussy feeder Got attached to a mini peppa pig doll, she carries it and cleans it everyday Started hiding under our bed every so often. Cries for no reason Started attacking Thor, this could also be due to her dominant attitude.she takes the high ground and let's her know how is the boss and if he doesn't back down she will bite him. Has bit the wife and son in the last 24hrs but it might not be her fault, bit the wife when she was hiding under the bed and our son at times never leaves her alone and she gets annoyed. She doesn't look any bigger,its been a few month since she was in season. Tried to feel her belly and it feels no different. Thanks
  13. hey, So a few days ago her second season finished and she is nearly 2 years old, thor is no longer interested so i thought her season had finished with no success for him we think. but she is still bleeding a little and he is cleaning her but he isn't trying to do it doggy style. so as above is she still in season?
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