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  1. If you are interested send me a private message, here or on ebay
  2. Hi guys, selling my Pawtrekker Scooter on ebay, collect from Preston http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/171950540927?_mwBanner=1
  3. Apparently there's been a dead husky found on Fleetwood beach, approx 1-1 1/2 year old. I only heard about it through Facebook, is anyone missing their dog??? I hope it's no-one here, sad either way
  4. chasing rabbits! our big dog still dreams at 2 yo, and every so often he yips and wakes himself up - too funny
  5. Frozen fruit and veg is good for keeping them entertained too Some raw diets seem to include potatoes as well as other fruit and veg
  6. I wonder if the dog found the baby dead and laid next to it - i hate to say it but the way ours eat chicken, the baby wouldn't be in one piece, let alone much left of it.
  7. I'm with Emma, puppies need to learn from their mothers first, then from us. In my opinion 6 weeks is too soon, we got our 2nd at 7 weeks because we already had a husky at home. As for jabs etc, we were told to wait 7 days after 2nd set of jabs, but could take them outside and carry them to get them used to smells and noises etc
  8. Book must have been rubbish!
  9. They look fine, you'd think i was starving one of mine - but he only eats when he wants to! Have they lost any real weight, or are they still similar to the pictures?
  10. I used to walk a friends dog, he used to pull all the time, until i spent some time with him - never pulled with me again. He also used to race you up the stairs, especially when 'grandma' had a basket of washing and got told off a lot for that, i stopped that and he never beat me up the stairs! All you can do is try your best, like Al says, if he gets it, he'll always be good for you, hopefully you can pass that back on to his real owners.
  11. The dogs and I always differ in opinion!
  12. They keep threatening a 'cold snap' but i'm sceptical, just more rain at the minute! I can't wait for it to snow, little dog hasn't seen it yet!
  13. Tapatalk doesn't show signatures, just go to the actual forum on the internet using your phone, or use a laptop/pc
  14. It's a race, it's always a race to see who can lead, our two are similar, but when you stop the stop pulling. try walking one, then the other, then both together. We've just got a walking belt, so can't comment but i'm hoping it'll help
  15. As Dunc said, but i'd try starving her for a the day first, that way any food that's in her and upsetting her will work it's way out before you try something new
  16. Looks good, age difference will help, but don't be suprised if Harry tells him off, except for sleeping he'll learn pretty quickly and probably follow Harry everywhere. Good luck! Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk
  17. Our big dog grumbled at me this morning because i had to pick him up to put him out when i left for work, miserable bugger!
  18. my dog weighs a tonne, not sure i'd be able to give him the heimlich!
  19. Start off while you're in the house, put him in when you're sat watching the telly and he'll get used to it, try putting a Favourite toy in with him, or an unwashed piece of clothing so he can smell you, and come back to him often so he doesn't think you've left him. Search the forum for crate training
  20. Like any good 'dad' they've already dipped into my pockets!!!
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