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  1. IF they do, its just a simple jab, i'd be more worried about mating injuries than pups, but as long as you're around you will be fine, Grey and Keyu have got it on a couple of times even though he's done! She pesters him till he gets fed up with her and im sure he does it just to shut her up lol
  2. We went to the dog park today, me, Blake and Kizmet... I was fully prepared for it to be stressful, with Kiz being a leashed monster (OH's been doing the walks for ages and letting them do what they want), and me struggling to control her and push a buggy at the same time well... She was an ANGEL! No pulling at all! She did have a basic headcollar on but I was expecting her to fight it (she's not had one for ages), but she wasn't bothered by it at all, and she plodded along next to us like she just knew what to do! I started off with her lead over my shoulder so she didn't have much room to roam, but once we were on wider paths I just put it over the buggy handle, we saw a fair few dogs on the way and she didn't pull towards any, and slowed and stopped at every road crossing got a few pics, none from the actual park unfortunately as I thought my phone was going to die waiting nicely while I took a pic having a rest in the town centre on the way home on the bus on the way home we walked passed the uni building and its kinda reflective, we looked awesome! I wish i'd thought to get a pic lol
  3. Yay! I now have a galley on the website!! I already have a fair few pictures in there thanks to everyone who submitted photos to the facebook 'Indi-Dogs' album If you're picture isn't already on there any you'd like it to be, just post it on this thread and I'll add it Have a looky! http://indi-dog.co.uk/gallery
  4. Sid_Wolf

    Panic !

    next time try milbemax rather than drontal, its a chewy treat not a tablet
  5. im actually pretty good with accents! My granny is Irish, my dad is Glaswegian. I had someone cold call me the other day and I normally hate it, but he had the most gorgeous thick Irish accent I didn't want him to go! lol
  6. Sid_Wolf

    Windows 8

    my new laptop has it, I want windows 7
  7. OH has his I was in the back room sewing last night and all I heard was his character say this: 'naa I ain't stoned, I'm relaxed.... I'm so relaxed I could shit myself... Damn I hope I ain't shit myself' Cracked me up! lol
  8. I'm running a photo competition on the Indi-Dog facebook page The theme is 'Autumn Dogs' Entries can be submitted until midnight 1st October when voting starts, competition closes midnight 7th October Here's the link to the competition https://www.facebook.com/indidogcollars/app_448952861833126
  9. I swear by 1001 carpet cleaner, try it, its brill
  10. OK for some reason they cancel each other out! >.> SO... just until sunday, I have made the INDI-HUSKY coupon worth 20% off and free shipping
  11. let me go through it again and see if I can find that option lol
  12. let me take a looky just having dinner
  13. Everything Indi-Dog, not the Bergan harnesses or tethers
  14. use the voucher code '1000' to get 10% off your order AND free shipping Just put the code 1000 into the coupon box when viewing your cart (and don't forget you can pair it with the 'indi-husky' code to get 20%!) ^^ valid til sunday and there are Halloween collars available now Autumn/Winter 2013 Christmas designs coming in October
  15. just seen this glad you're pleased with them Andy
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