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  1. Very sad... saw this last nite before I went to bed. He genuinely seemed like one of the good guys. A lot of famous people just have lives that are a mess... but his wasn't. My guess is F&F7 will just be scrapped... unless they happened to be done principle filming, which it doesn't sound like they were..
  2. Ugh.. I miss them a lot. it's too quiet in my house. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk 2
  3. Unfortunately, the day after my sister & family went on vacation, I got a call to foster a pair of yellow lab puppies. So my attention was devoted to them... and not Levi. While I want to help him, fostering puppies is kindof my thing that I do. They got adopted yesterday though, so I'm going to see what I can do with Levi this week perhaps.
  4. Here is a picture I took today when I was at their house. Nothing was near him to give you a good idea of his size... but he's pretty big. They leave tomorrow am. I have to work and then I have plans tomorrow nite, but starting saturday I plan to spend time with him, and trying to train him the best I can with the limited time I have. We'll see.
  5. Yeah, my place is about 25 min from theirs. While it's a fairly large house, I couldn't live there. lol Not without big problems. hahahahaha What I'd like is for them to come home and notice a difference in him... then I would let them know what I've done, and at that point, the ball would be in their court if they wish to continue. Of course, in 8 yrs or so when he's well long in his life, he'll probably calm down.
  6. I have not spoken to her about it... honestly, I feel it's not my place. I don't live there... he's not my dog... If anyone should talk, it should be my parents and my sister & BIL. (They all live in the same house, and while it's somewhat divided, the dog is in my parents area when my sister & BIL aren't home) Which is why I was thinking if I could do something that would help the whole situation why they were on vacation......
  7. Here is a picture of him back in January.. probably about 10 wks old at that point. Thanks for the comments... They had a boxer before... It was a female, and very different temperament.. I can't remember if they got her as a puppy or not... but she wasn't nearly as hyper, or large in size, as Levi is. (I don't have any pictures of her) I really don't see them rehoming Levi... They aren't that type, and I think my nieces would be too upset if they did, so I don't think it would even be a possibility. I feel bad for him... and for my parents. Levi is full of so much energy and my father is getting up there in age, so it's been hard on him the most. Whenever I go over, I let Levi out of his crate and keep him near me... I feel bad for him being in the crate as much as he is, but unless he calms down, I don't see that changing unfortunately. I'm not sure why my sister & BIL have chosen to go pretty light on training him... the way he is, he's not even enjoyable as a pet. Which is a shame.... and he really is a cool dog - he's a huge goof that's fun to play rope tug with. I dunno... would it be a waste of my time? Probably.... I just feel bad for him & my parents.
  8. My sister & BIL got a boxer puppy back in Jan '13.... unfortunately, he is not well behaved at all. They both work.. and I don't know what they do in the evenings, but they don't seem to try and teach him anything. My parents live with them, and my dad is retired, so he has to deal with the dog most of the day. The dog is either outside, or inside in his crate. My sister is going on vacation next week, so I was thinking of trying to spend some time with him to train him. It's only for 9 days... so I'm not even sure if it's worth it. I just feel bad for him because if he's not inside, he's in the crate because he can't even sit still. He jumps up on everyone, and he slobbers a ton, which isn't exactly fun having dog slobber all over your clothes. I don't have a husky yet, so I honestly haven't really read a lot of the threads dealing with ways to train them. I do foster puppies from time to time and have applied many things I've read to them... but they are normally 7-10 wks old. I'm not sure how much my sister's dog will be able to learn in a little over a week. Any suggestions??? Thanks!!
  9. I was watching a video on YT about a new husky owner... and she got the puppy at 5 weeks, which from everything I've always read/been told, that's too soon. But, obviously the world won't end. I was fostering puppies (non-husky) that didn't have a mom, and they were I think 6 weeks old... they were quickly adopted so I only had them for a little over a week. Generally speaking, would a husky puppy that is taken away from its mother/siblings that soon have issues growing up? I don't know the person, so I'm mainly just asking for my own knowledge. When I'm finally able to get a husky, I don't plan on taking him before the 8 week mark... Thanks!!
  10. That was too funny!! I've always found it funny how they can be afraid of either other animals that are a fraction of their size, or stuffed animals that aren't even alive.
  11. Wow! I love the 3rd pic... Looks like she really doesn't want her picture taken!! LOL
  12. Wow..... just... wow. In addition to jail time, he should have to re-pay what they spent to conduct the investigation... $250k.
  13. The one time someone asks the cops to use their stun gun and they don't. :shakes head: I've only been following the headlines... so I don't know if this guy took t he same drugs as the others who acted like him... but it seems to be a newer drug - or at least one that has recently become popular, and as the article says it triggers paranoia and anxiety. Still... I think something has to be wrong to begin with to trigger wanting to eat people and/or pets.
  14. I use that one...no problems so far... none of my anti-virus stuff has a problem with it. All it does is re-format the screen to display everything like the old page.
  15. Sure it's all fun and games until it starts eating people!!! Did we not learn anything from the movies?!?! That is very cool though.
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