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  1. I have an old pawtrekker which needs some serious TLC to make it safe to use again so instead I'm looking at new scooters including the pawtrekker rufftrax evolution but it's not cheap & I don't think it will be possible for me to try before I buy. Interested in recommendations - I want something good for racing but durable to take lots of everyday abuse.
  2. My husky is the same, they have become worse as he is recovering from torn cruciate, his hips have been screened and they are 100%.
  3. I agree we should keep our dogs well enclosed & on leads at all times and that farmers have the legal right to protect their animals but escapes do happen and there needs to be a more humane way of stopping a trespassing dog. Tranquilise it & return it to the owners on the condition that their enclosure is fit for purpose & fine them to cover costs, don't just kill.
  4. In this case it was a government test facility which was not adequately fenced beside a popular local park, it was not a loan farmer out to protect his livelihood , which I think I could begin to understand.
  5. Two pet husky dogs were shot dead when they strayed onto the agri-science farm next to Hillsborough Forest Park. Pets 'Ice' and 'Alaska' were shot dead by staff at the Agri-Food and Biosciences Farm (AFBI) last week after they were discovered worrying pregnant sheep. Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/im-devastated-says-owner-of-pet-huskies-shot-dead-on-farm-16102380.html#ixzz1jJyNbIdB A petition has been launched http://www.change.org/petitions/the-government-get-justice-for-ice-and-alaska#sign
  6. It's soon going to be coat blowing season and with a new baby on the way I want to invest in a new vacuum cleaner. I've been looking online and there seems to be reliability issues with the Dyson animal, the meile cat & dog seems like a good job but I'm not sure how convenient it would be to have to change the bag all the time. Any other suggestions or experience with either of these models?
  7. We've 2 unrelated male huskies, 3yrs and 2 yrs, they are always fed side by side and never display any food agression even when it's a treat such as chicken or liver.
  8. Yes, I've entered another one for February, we loved seeing all the different breeds and our boys tails didn't stop wagging all day. Huskies are such naturally beautiful dogs, especially when you see the amount of grooming and care goes into some of the other breeds... rollers...talcum powder..hours of grooming. A good diet and a bath before hand is all it takes for a husky!.
  9. [ATTACH]7079.IPB[/ATTACH] We all had a great day out at the show which was held at the weekend, Leon behaved really well, he trotted nicely around the ring and stood nicely for the judge to examine him, he won his class and best male but lost out to best overall siberian husky. (the winner went on to win the entire group). Best of all santa arrived for the children on a sledge being pulled by huskies.
  10. ocspirit , the answer to most of your questions is no so I'm glad it's been cancelled due to the weather! I've never even heard the term stacked before, we were just going to go for a bit of fun & to see the other huskies but it sounds like it can be pretty serious. He knows not to jump up on people, but loves to sniff everything and everyone- never even thought to train him not to that!
  11. I've entered one of my huskies in a show this weekend, he's 2 and this our first time competing, anyone got any tips or advice.
  12. Thanks for all the help, it does seem to be difficult to diagnose the condition so perhaps the vet may just suggest a supplement which may be sufficient, in your husky was the problem just around the muzzle area?
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