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  1. oh if rabbits escaped she would have them for lunch lol she doesn't leave them alone x
  2. hi how do u get the pics like that with the writing and them next to each other im struggling haha looks good
  3. fawn does this too and as soon as she is near other dogs she starts weeing in excitement haha
  4. just found this ! this is the day we got fawn she was only 6 weeks -7 weeks not quite sure Fawn has changed quite a bit ha ha
  5. zoe

    Fawn 5 months

    thank you shes my world x
  6. zoe

    Fawn 5 months

    getting a big girl now xx
  7. that is so sad they are beautiful dogs x
  8. i was just brousing on the net a spotted her and shes for sale wish i could have her a lovely compainion for fawn
  9. i hope fawn looks abit like her she is stunning just like my girl xx
  10. just seen this husky x akita and she looks spit of fawn think alot of peeps were right fawn looks like shes got akita in her xx
  11. fawn is narly eighteen weeks and pets at home told me she cant have one! whats the best age to put one on fawn ???
  12. plus get some more piccys of them on hehehe x
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