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  1. I fully recommend the above rescues, we have our 3 year old rescue from share...they are always looking for foster homes with a view to adopting said dogs. very rewarding xx
  2. Hi guguys sorry about going missing, just been sooo busy and fb seems to have taken all my time lol.. anyway here's a couple of pics first is Lola who sneaked into peppers cage, so pepper got into it too....we have got a cage for Lola but she chooses not to use it so its out away.... aand the next is the 2 together, Lola is more shy lol.... Sorry about the size but I'm on iPad so not sure how xx
  3. I know. I laugh everytime I see it :)

  4. Love that sig pic, poor kid gets it coming and going!!!! LMAO!!

  5. good luck, its been 11 years for me, I was pg with my eldest and quit.
  6. How do you know that her dog was aggressive? Is it just because it was a rotti?, I have seen more aggressive chis and tiny dogs.
  7. Grandmama and grandpapa have seen the pics and were caught talking about it
  8. [MENTION=2303]Dave[/MENTION] congrats [MENTION=2303]Dave[/MENTION] hope you had a great day [MENTION=2303]Dave[/MENTION] hope you have a fab honeymoon [MENTION=2303]Dave[/MENTION] hope you come back soon [MENTION=2303]Dave[/MENTION] and post some pics [MENTION=2303]Dave[/MENTION] congrats again
  9. Omg it's like reading about pepper!,, little cow bag finds socks and we don't know where from...especially as we have a stair gate on stairs.
  10. awww thanks everyone i had an ok day...si's mum is in hospital having had to ahve a blood transfusion so had to visit her ....we had my mum up to sit with kids whilst we went to have a meal out then cinema, instead after the meal we went to blockbuster got some films out and went home at 9 ...lol thanks again
  11. new out with sky is the wifi cloud app...not had the chance to use it yet but sounds a good app for when wifi needed etc.
  12. [MENTION=6912]EightBelow[/MENTION] usually asks me to find and remove spiders....I don't mind them, they are more scared of us
  13. wow thank you so much...ill take them all many thnks xx
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