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  1. Well, given that you have already banned Jaimie's account she cannot see your rant directly, nor will she be able to respond. I think you missed the overall point of Jaimie's request. Her request was not so much for this forum to change and she stay, but for her informational resources to be removed and relocated somewhere where that information would not only be welcomed, but beneficial to the membership. That has been proven time and time and time again to not be this forum. (One of the main reasons I've taken a big step away in the past year or so) Given that, she doesn't feel that this group truly benefits the breed and decided to leave. After failing to be able to remove her own posts, she asked how it could be done. Not disrespectfully, not out of anger, and without drama. And that should have been OK. She shouldn't have had to justify reasons for wishing her intellectual property removed from this site. I doubt it would have been a request made of anyone else. As for links to sell animals, yes we KNOW this rule and have abided by this rule. Anadyr does not, has not, and for the future likely will NOT sell dogs to general public. That's not what their breeding program is for. Nor do they have any currently available! Their online store? Not going to find any puppies for sale there, but you can buy yourself a pretty shirt to help sponsor the team's racing season! Your excuse for the most recent censorship is, therfore, null and void. Only FURTHER adding to the frustrations. If you are going to pound your fists and scream rules rules rules, at least follow them yourself!! Rules by which I still feel are so stifling you are limiting educational opportunities. Its our responsible breeders leading the charge in health studies, breed education, preservation of our breed's health/function/quality, and even helping breed specific rescues through funding- less so your rescues. We have had this discussion before. But don't allow gut churning OOPS litters to be posted if you aren't going to allow and equal emphasis on breed education to be posted as well. I regrettably returned to this forum in hopes of a quality discussion platform after the death of Natalie Norris to find a forum of "Husky Owners" who cared more about Gene Wilder's passing than a legacy within the breed. Shame on me for expecting anything else.
  2. Yes lets censor a post who incidentally linked to their kennel, a kennel who has been a pinnacle of integrity in producing quality healthy functional Siberians, where *OMG* they had a litter. Yet garbage like the post I'm linking is allowed to stay. Tell me, how that is acceptable by your group rules? OOPS look what my 'supposedly' purebred *no papers* non-health tested bitch did with the *maybe* GSD IDK no-papers neighborhood dog did! What exactly do you think they did or will be doing with 7 puppies? I doubt they are keeping them all! And you know what, accident or no, producing a litter makes them a BREEDER....a highly irresponsible one at that. This is just one example of many that have been posted to this forum. To be honest, I feel the frustration...and one of the reasons I have not participated in this forum for quite some time. I know that the opinion of one or two members is going to mean so little to anyone here....but I just can't sit by and watch anymore.
  3. Life must be easy if you choose to be an Ostrich when things get tough

  4. Unless your dog is a couch dweller it isn't loved apparently! learn something new everyday

    1. Marc


      Mine are eternally f...... well, not gonna feel so loved is thats the case

  5. It really depends on the lines they come from. Denali's dad and grandsire both hit their peak forms at 4-5 years old. The girls have the same sire as Denali's grandsire and bitches tend to develop slower than males I'm anticipating a slow growth from them as well. Juneau really hit her stride between 2-3 years old but I don't know a whole lot about her lineage-
  6. Thank you all. We are mostly at peace knowing it was the best decision we could have made for him. He is no longer suffering and I have full confidence that he is reunited with his woofer brother Timber and they are running free North Of The Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye's are never easy, and this one was no different. 7 years just was not long enough, but I will cherish each and every moment we shared.
  7. It is with a very sad heart that we send Rockie to the Rainbow Bridge. A couple weeks ago while trying to find out what was causing intermittent seizure activity it was suspected that he may have a tumor. A few days after this visit he developed a large sarcoma on his neck, the vet discovered the underlying tissue was very inflamed and abnormal looking, she suspected cancer. Today we found a new sarcoma in his 'arm pit', upon evaluation this was the same type of tissue as before and the first abscess site was full of dead narcotic tissue. Whatever it was we were dealing with it was just too much to fight for the old boy. We decided that it was in his best interest to send him peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge- It is never easy, even if it is the right thing to do.
  8. There should be quite a few adventures! The girls will officially join the ranks, most likely in swing/team positions. Mason and Denali will still take up the lead positions, and Juneau is likely retiring IF we can (possibly Dakota as well) if we can work out a the final details on a couple dogs we are looking at or a possible 'leasing' possibility from another kennel to round out the wheel positions.
  9. Jill and I have matching carts now! Well kinda, this one is a tad newer than hers and the seat is a different color....but essentially the same! Now we just need to see some temps down toward the 40s!
  10. As we gear up toward fall (come on cooler weather!) we have added a new cart to our training arsenal! This cart is heavier than the Arctis 3 wheel cart we have been running so I'll be able to safely add up to 6 more dogs (probably going to run a 6 dog team this year)- with hydraulic disc brakes front/rear, a seat for a passenger that can be removed for a dog bag, and some very nice other features! This is the Fritz Dyck German made cart-
  11. It's getting near that time again! Wow has the year flown! Nationals this year will be in Midland Michigan- will anyone be going? Our plan is to bring Denali, Kenna, and Enya for conformation showing, Mason to join for the cart race, and Diamond for the Rescue Parade! Let me know if you are going, stop by our set up and say hi!
  12. Funny how the page talks about preserving arctic freight dogs but with it's inappropriate coat and sparsely furred ears it seems the dog itself is lacking some of the necessary phenotype to survive arctic temperatures-
  13. Personally I only use an undercoat rake and molting brush on my dogs when they are shedding.
  14. Well I will be waiting for the next litter- Linda is in the planning stages of which bitch she will use but it looks like she's interested in using Jack again as the sire.
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