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  1. Absolutely true, the breed isn't supposed to be long-haired, so I completely agree with you. Could you imagine the mats on a wooly husky used for sledding a couple thousand years ago? Yeah, no thanks... I got Saiya in 2011, and I had done my due diligence in researching the breed. The only thing I was after was an agouti, and I found a breeder who happened to have one. They appeared to be responsible breeders - I remember the parents had been OFA tested, AKC registered...all that jazz. I had never even heard of woolies, and it wasn't until I had her for about a week that I realized she was a little...fluffier...than other husky puppies I've seen. A year later and it's very obvious that she's a wooly. I contacted the breeder with a "hey, I didn't realize she'd have long hair...?" and she responded by saying that she isn't a wooly. Which is clearly not the case, as you can see from the pictures...y'know...with your eyes. 🙄 As an aside though, her long coat isn't a hinderance at all in our day-to-day and I wouldn't be treating a non-wooly husky any differently. Still night walks in the summer, and she gets along just fine in the Michigan winters, as you'd imagine. I have 0 interest in showing so I am not bothered that she's not "show quality"...Saiya is a "pet-quality" Siberian Husky. In any case, I suppose I wouldn't recommend this breeder based on the fact that I was told my long-haired dog wasn't long-haired. Hard to wrap my mind around that one.
  2. Hi all! I hope you're well, it has been a long while. I said I'd update you guys on Saiya's growth and many years later, here it is! I mostly lurk the forum these days, but we're coming up on Saiya's 7th birthday (in October already! Jeez, time flies) so I thought it a good idea to show/tell you all how she's getting on since the last you saw her she was a juvenile. She has had some issues come up with her health - I recently took her in for her first UTI and left with news that her liver is less than half the size it should be, and her stomach orientation is flipped (I can attach a photo of the x-ray if anyone is interested). Aside from that, she's happy, healthy, and as rambunctious as ever. 😋 Without further ado, here she is all grown up! As you can see, her mask has changed very drastically since she was just a pup! Please feel free to peruse her old posts (though not all of the photos are there...some have been replaced with some super weird content over the years, somehow... 🤔). She's been graying since day 1, and while that's not necessarily an indicator of her age, man does it suck watching your puppy grow old! 😭 Anyhow, thanks for lookin' and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!
  3. Hey all, I posted a couple of times within the past couple of years, and a lot of you wanted to see my baby all grown up - and she is! She weighs in at around 45 lbs. I'm sorry this is so picture heavy - she's not the most photogenic creature, because it's so hard to get her to sit still!
  4. Hello everyone, This is my 3 month old baby girl named Saiya. She's a wooly agouti purebred (yes, AKC registered) Siberian Husky, despite the many people who are refusing to believe she's not a malamute mix. Sigh...people. Anyhow, I had many requests from Husky-Owner users to post some photos of her growing up, so here they are! Edit: I apologize for the picture rotation! My phone must have done that automatically when I uploaded them to my computer. Yikes.
  5. Actually, before I found Saiya, I was interested in this girl: However I preferred a younger pup - this girl was born sometime in mid-2010 I believe. Very unique looking dog (she's available, too! Nudge nudge...). Regarding a wooly being a breed fault for show...I really don't care, hahah. She's a family member, I never planned on showing her...just something I would never be interested in.
  6. I would love to see more of your boy! Take your time, though - I don't mind the wait!
  7. Hahah, yes, you are mixing posts. Simon&Sophia mentioned that his dog is a Husky Malamute mix. Mine is a purebred Siberian Husky.
  8. Wow, she is gorgeous! Can't wait to see what Saiya looks like all grown up, though I know I'll long for the puppy days again!
  9. She is AKC registered as a purebred Siberian Husky; I'm unsure of whether or not wooly is defined in the breed standards. I just know the genetics behind it - that's it. Believe me, I am just as skeptical (I suppose?) as everyone else. Even so, I think Malamute Husky mixes are absolutely gorgeous. I just preferred to get a purebred Husky because that's all I have room for.
  10. Thank you, that's quite the compliment! Also, Qilaq is beautiful - I LOVE huskies with heterochromia. Your husky is the closest I've found to my pup's markings...but still I haven't found any woolies! Thank you for sharing!
  11. Hello everyone, Excuse me if this is posted in the wrong forum. Last Tuesday I got my beautiful Siberian Husky (purebred) named Saiya - she is wonderful! However, being the curious person I am, I was just dying to know what she's going to look like as an adult. I have searched and searched to find photos of wooly agouti huskies and have had no luck. I am wondering, is an agouti husky with a wooly coat odd or rare at all? Have you ever seen one or do you own one? I would love to see! Thank you! *Request for more pictures (these are the only ones I have offhand - disregard her scruffiness and the poor quality!)
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