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  1. Took the dogs out onto the estuary today heres a few pics
  2. went to talacre beach yesterday got a bit wet but dogs had a good run:D
  3. omg! she is gorgeous! i love the markings on her face she looks lovely in the snow:D
  4. Went out with the dogs around the lanes around farmland where i live heres a few pics.the last pic is clio looking at the turkeys in the barn! she would love to get in there!
  5. I take it you mean the dog!lol thats a nice pic they do like their home comforts:D
  6. Great pics! that pup is so cute and those lovely blue eyes:)
  7. nice pics looks nice there zues is nice looking dog:)
  8. Hi there im new to the site your dogs are lovely his mum looks small and he looks like his dad. i have 3 but would never put my 3 on my belt:dog3:
  9. few pics of my dogs just getting the hang of doing them!
  11. blue bayou

    blue bayou

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