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  1. Tripe is full of nutrients for dog! It's one of the best foods they can have.
  2. Nice thread but I don't know any raw feeders that class tripe as offal, it's not a secreting organ. 'True raw' is usually referred to as prey model.
  3. I'm confused at the first post. It's got my username spelt wrong in two different ways and with a dog I don't have? Confusing! Yla (new pup), female, 8 weeks, 4.45kg Update Broder, male, 1 year 9 months, 20.5kg Kindra, female, 10 months, 19.5kg
  4. Hi Sid, we'd still like to buy a couple of rings for Broder's head collar off you if possible? We need them ASAP. If not can you let me know where I could buy some? Thanks

  5. Hi Just noticed that you're from Sheffield too. We have an 8 month old male if you're ever up for a walk as Broder loves playmates! :)

  6. np, Polee and I are always up for a walk on a weekend or an evening, Just give me a shout when your in this neck of the woods

  7. Hi! Just noticed that you're in Blackburn. I'm from Darwen and we go over there every so often if you're ever up for a walk :)

  8. buckle collars cost the same as martingales, so if you order a martingale with the ribbon you want and extra ring, it will be the same price, just put 'buckle' along with his neck measurment in the box :)

  9. How much would a buckle collar cost with ribbon and extra d ring? Would we just order not through your site but just paying via paypal? He hasn't managed to slip out of his buckle collar yet (we just use it to take him into the garden), so I don't think we'll need a half check (my mistake, I thought the tightening might help with pulling). He doesn't walk so well on just his collar so I think we'll try a head collar, hopefully he won't grow much bigger so we'll be able to use it for a while! Thanks :)

  10. Hiya, I can do buckles but we rarely sell any which is why they're not on the site. My guys have half checks because they can't slip them, but they don't really help with pulling much, if they're playing up and pulling lots I use a head collar :)

  11. Hi, we're wanting to our some collars for Broder but aren't too sure what to get. He's got a collar with eyelets at the moment, but it's on the last hole. I've seen on petforums that you can do eyelet collars but I can't see one on your website? We also want a collar for walking as he's learnt he can just hop whilst using his WYDWL harness, so maybe a half check etc would calm him down. Would you think a half check, martingale or head collar? He's 7 months so we'd like something that's a little adjustable. Thanks for any advice :) Charlotte

  12. I'm kinda jealous of the people who let their huskies off lead! Broder never has been, and we always keep a firm grip of the lead. He does come over to us outside when called (after he's finished sniffing that is) but who knows if he'd be the same if he knew he could run off! I don't know if we're being way over protective, but I'd never forgive myself if something happened. We're even weary about letting him run offlead in the garden when we get a 6 foot fence, is this normal? I thought that most people didn't let them off, but looking at the results of the poll it seems othe
  13. Today had a couple of short walks to some places out in the peak district near here
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