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  1. welp, I celebrated Christmas earlier today! I'll do it again tomorrow at my fiance's house. Anyways, I had a blast! Came home from school with the Neeko and Dakota. They are staying with me at my sisters house while the misses goes home to her parents. My little nephews really love the dogs. Neeko and Dakota got their first experience pulling someone today. I hooked up a wagon to their harnesses (you guys would be proud, it looked like a professional rig lol) and let them pull Brayden and Carter around(lil nephews 5 and 2). Everyone involved loved it. Later on I ate plenty of the traditional "eat til you can't breathe" holiday foods! Ham, Mac n Cheese, Pecan Pie, Green Beans.... mmmmmm Neeko and Dakota got lamb and rice haha! Overall it was a great day!! p.s. Dakota has been with us a year today!!!!!! Merry XMAS!!!!!!!
  2. I've left my comp on, and pointed my camera at Neeko and Dakota. You can set up a remote desktop program on a smartphone or another work computer so you can check in on them. Just use your other device to turn the camera on your computer on, and it'll come through via the copied screen. I did it a couple of times, but my pups were always asleep really. Facebook and skype both have chat programs that may let you actually talk to your pup though. I'm pretty sure your pup would enjoy that, but you kinda gotta feel bad for not being able to let them out to potty when your getting em all excited! The webcam is definitely doable, but it's worth is questionable. My advice is crate him, plenty of chew toy, and make sure they are fun like a kong or a rope tied to his crate to pull on, and someone just to come in and walk him atleast once while your at work. A neighbor would probably love to play with a sibe pup!! Getting to play with a Husky pup without having to pay for him/her and the shots, food, toys, and chewed up possesions would probably be on my list of thing to do if I didn't have Neeko and Koder! Sorry if I step on anyones toes, but bottome line is leaving a pup alone for too long is a little detramental to the bonding between you and your pup, but leaving them for more than 6 hours without potty time is a little on the cruel side, but you gotta work to eat right? The general rule of thumb is that your pup can only hold his bladder for about an hour or two more than he/she is in months of age, so like a 4 month old can probably hold it for 5 hours. Either way, I hope i all works out, and I hope this post helps. Good Luck!!!!! and Gorgeous puppy!!!!!
  3. Dakota recently had a histocytoma in her ear. It was a bright red spot at first, and quickly went away(2 weeks). It didn't seem to bother her at all, and I don't think they are supposed to be painful, but if it's between toes, then I imagine it could be from just bumping and rubbing it. The best thing to do is just bite the bullet, and let the vet biopsy. Its better to throw 45 bucks down the drain for good news, then to wish you had, and lose a close friend. I'd flip out if I lost poor little Koder!!! biopsy=peace of mind. I hope it all works out!!!
  4. Off topic question.. How do you keep her clean. My pups stay dirty lol. can't keep em from going outside, but can't keep em clean.
  5. wow... thats a huge girl right. I have a 60ish pound boy and the vet said that that was pretty big. she's a monster lol
  6. ok that makes me feel better. do you have one from the side. I feel like thats where you can tell Dakota is skinny when she is standing, I can litterally almost fit both hands around her waist. granted I'm 6'6'' and have pretty big hand, I still feel that's not normal
  7. please send pictures. They would make me feel soooo much better. I'm scared to take her into public, because I don't want people to think i'm abusing her or something.
  8. explain please? Not sure what you mean.
  9. well, I'm not in it alone. One is mine, and one is my fiance's. The food I'm feeding them is healthy(lamb and rice are the primary ingredients, no corn, no animal biproducts really), its just getting them to actually eat it thats the problem. I tried using a little chicken broth as was recomended to me by the pet store, but not too much luck, although she did like it better. I don't exactly free feed them in the seense that they have food dispensed and it isn't measured. I give them five cups a day, and both eat about half it seems. Neeko is at a great weight, but Dakota isn't. I'll try scheduling, and splitting up the meals.. We'll see if that works. Thanks for the welcome, and advice. You will be hearing much more from me lol.
  10. They are both over a year now. Neeko is 1.5 and Dakota is a year and a month old. I'm getting them nice harnesses for Christmas, so maybe they can enjoy pulling with them. Dakota lives to pull, I'm getting the harness because she would quite literally rather pull than breathe, and chokes herself when walking, which scares the heck outta me.
  11. My two huskies love pulling, and they have sooo much energy. I've tried letting them pull me on a bike, and on rollerblades, but all three of us lack the coordination. I was wondering if it would be cruel to attach a weight to their harness, and just let them pull it around the yard, and at the park. Would that be a cruel thing to do? Do you guys/gals have any ideas to help get them to expend their energy(aside from running, they don't do so well with that. Easily distracted lol). They used to chase each other alot, but now they just go chew a stick, or dig a hole. Gotta figure something out.
  12. thanks. I used to feed them Hill's Science Diet, but my little boy Neeko was having skin problems so I switched them to Purina One, and the same thing, so then just Purina, then Iams, and he kept having the same problem. I finally figured out its the corn that they are both having problems with. It gives them terrible gas lol, and they get patches of missing fur(well less dense in areas) from where they chew themselves. I finally found a food that doesn't have corn in it, but now I'm having this problem with Dakota. I thought about putting peanut butter in the food like mixed in. What do you think? Do you know of any other cheap food additives, or something that may make her like the food a little more. Or maybe even a fairly priced corn free food that is better tasting. Unfortunately, I live on a tight budget being a student, so Call of the Wild, and Blue Buffalo are off the table lol.
  13. I have a female husky whose about a year and a month old. Dakota is a happy dog, and stays very active, but she recently went through a shed, and I took out her undercoat. When she had her undercoat, it didn't really seem as though she was super skinny, but once I brushed it out, I could tell that she was extremely skinny. It scares me that she is so skinny, but she weighs 47 pounds, which is kinda heavy for a girl husky right? She has a bigger frame, and is taller than my boy, Neeko, who weighs 62lbs(much bigger feet, she looks like she should be twice as big). Anyways, I'm on a budget(college student) so I feed them Diamond Dog Food, Lamb and Rice. It doesn't have any corn in it, and its high in protein for the price. She seems to eat it, but I can't tell if she is getting enough. She has unrestricted access to the food. She will often walk up, act as though she's about to eat, and then walk off. Help!
  14. I have two diggers also. When Neeko and Dakota decide to pull a ShawShank, they always try digging near the fence(never any luck though) and wind up super muddy. I have their crate pretty near the back door. I just put them in the crate for an hour or so, and they are tired anyways so they want to be there, and let them dry. once they are dry, it's pretty easy to just dust them back off using a brush or if you have it a good blowdryer(set on cool of corse). Do this out on your porch, or atleast outside.. They can be pretty dusty, and you don't want that in your house. I live in Georgia with red clay in the backyard, and they never seem to stain or anything from this method. Just feel it out. See what works for you.
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