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  1. Hey there all husky lovers! This is my first time writing a post on the forum, but I have been constantly reading for a few months now. Since the date that I am getting my new husky is getting closer, I finally decided to introduce myself ... Hi! My first husky("experience") was 10 years ago when I was only 12 years old. It doesn't really count though since I wasn't the caring for him 24/7 but I was able to learn about his behaviors and how to deal with them to some extent. He was all white, with amber eyes. (please excuse the quality of the picture, its old) His name was Jimmy! As a puppy we would always waddle when we took him out for walks. We only had him for less than 6 years, because an awful neighbor fed him something that caused his death:(. Besides the one-on-one experience with an actual husky, I have been reading difference books and blogs to further my knowledge. So the reason for my post is for any kind of advice that anyone can provide for me. Reading about them can only help me so much, so that's why I am asking for feedback. Thanks Bunches PS Once I get the new puppy I will update everyone with pictures ... everyone seems to like those!
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