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  1. Hey there everyone. I'm Nicole from California, USA. I'm a pack leader of 3 siberians. Well make that 7 as our girl just had pups. I've been reading up on all things puppy and siberian and came across this site. I'm so happy to have found somewhere I can ask questions and share stories! I searched for 6 months before I found a breeder I wanted to buy my first Siberian from, and she warned me that "Sibes are like potato chips, you can't have just one". She was so right. Anyway, about us: My daughter (11 years old) and I show our dogs casually as a mother daughter activity. We have Jax - 2 year old male (with my oldest daughter) We've owned Jax since he was a few months old. Ahsoka - 2 year old female (again with my daughter for Halloween) She has been in our family for 5 months. Kessel - 18 month female (was our Christmas gift to ourselves last year) Can't find a recent photo of her right now...hmmm, didn't realize she's camera shy. Siberians are not like any other dog I've ever owned and I love that you all know what I mean by that! The first time Jax sang to me I thought I was under attack by aliens. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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