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  1. Thanks for the advice. I had Kessel spayed the day the worst fight happened. It has been over a month since that happened, and Kessel is still showing aggression to Ahsoka so I'm not sure that it's hormonal at this point. I think it may have been when the bad fight happened, but the vet told me that sometimes once they've crossed the line and gotten into a severe fight they may not get along again after. I have no experience with that though so I was trusting the vet's opinion. I hadn't thought of a trainer for them. We're a smallish town and I usually assume we don't have someone like that around, but I will check. Thanks for that suggestion. Al you're exactly right. There is a terrible amount of guilt in thinking of rehoming one of them. I'm trying to weigh our sadness with what will ultimately be best for Ahsoka. I can't imagine muzzling or keeping one of them isolated from the pack if there is a good home out there - but thinking of rehoming makes me feel like I'm holding a sign that says "Terrible person right here"
  2. That's a good point. I don't know any local husky owners but I could ask the local AKC club to ask around.
  3. I'm heartbroken, seriously. My pack of 4 has to be split. Ahsoka and Kessel have decided that they no longer get along. They try to fight every time they see each other and its been going on for two months. Both get along well with every dog they have ever met at the dog park. Ahsoka loves every dog (even little ones). She is a typical husky in pretty much every way. Loves people, talks but doesn't bark, is happy outside or in as long as she has company. Here's the part I'm not sure what to do about. We bought her as a show dog. She has champion bloodlines. My daughter has quit showing and so Ahsoka hasn't been shown in over a year. If someone is interested in adding her as a potential show dog or does currently show I would consider transferring papers and ownership to them without spaying her, but to any non show home I am absolutely going to get her spayed before she goes home with anyone. I'm wondering what you think of that. Should I just spay her and consider her show potential over? oh, she's about 3.5 years old. By the way, the breeder I bought her from isn't interested in taking her back and I had hoped she would. That particular (very well known breeder) doesn't use contracts so I'm on my own with rehoming. Do you guys have advice for me?
  4. Lord Preserve ME! Kessel was spayed Thursday and she is fully convinced that she has a litter of three (stuffed toy) puppies. She wants none of the other dogs around her. She is carrying kibble to the nest she made in my bedroom. She refuses to go outside if the other dogs are even on the other side of the fence. And she whines constantly when she's not in the bedroom with the "pups". Even worse, she and Ahsoka are trying to kill each other. Kessel attacked Ahsoka over food then again the next morning the second they saw each other. Kessel ended up with 4 stitches in her head. This is after 3 years of living happily together. I'm fairly certain I'm going to lose my mind. Poor Kessel looks like Frankenstein with her swollen stitched head. And I'm worried that this fight might start a serious problem between Ahsoka and Kessel. The vet warned me that once a bad fight happens it might never go back to a calm relationship. I am completely stressed that we are going to have to rehome someone because how can you permanently separate two dogs safely without completely destroying the quality of life for one of them? Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for us that this false pregnancy ends quickly and that the girls can get along again!
  5. My daughter is fine. She was sad that day and told Jax "go outside we don't like you today." but she wasn't really mad at him. To clarify, the "girl" that was scared of my dogs is 19 and owns pitbulls and has been around my dogs before. (it was my nephews girlfriend) I would never blame a child for an incident like this. And I do agree there is a level of healthy fear when approaching a strange animal. I was just frustrated knowing that my dogs wouldn't hurt a person and that if she had known that the guineas might have lived.
  6. Sounds like a great photo shoot (if slow)! But I have to ask...what's a French Stick?
  7. Long story short, I was with my family at a birthday party. My nephew was at my house and let the dogs in without closing my daughter's bedroom door. His girlfriend heard squealing and ran in to find one of the dogs after my daughter's guinea pigs. She was afraid of the dog so she ran outside to get my nephew instead of stopping the dog. Ugh! I wish I had been home! We are minus two guinea pigs and have a sad little girl. And I hate when the dogs are just being dogs and get everyone worked up and angry at them for doing what comes naturally. Its just a lose, lose, lose situation. And I want to teach "How not to be afraid of dogs" classes.
  8. Just hanging out with the pack. Been having trouble loading pics, I hope this works. So pictured is Jax, Ahsoka, Kessel and our youngest member Wookie. I haven't shared about him before. He's a sweetheart. My husband keeps getting confused who is who between Kessel and Wookie. LOL which is ridiculous considering Kessel is our only one with blue eyes. Here is Kessel looking quite please to be the only one with a chew left. Don't the others look depressed that they've already eaten theirs? Ahsoka is getting so chubby we've noticed she's starting to look like a polar bear. here is Wookie, peeking in the kitchen window. and another of Wookie's mask that looks like a smile. I know his black will fade some still, but I just love this smile.
  9. NicTurtle


    I shared this a year or so ago. My husband has a matching one with my last name instead of the flower.
  10. When I upload to FB then try to copy the url here I get an error. Can someone share with me the best way to upload some photos?
  11. NicTurtle

    Wookie at the window

    When we open the window for some air, the fur kids think they can climb in.

    © Nicole Chelonis

  12. I copied and pasted it exactly like it was on the website. I was surprised to see Pits listed last on it myself. The story I copied it from must have reversed the order. The link embedded there goes to a different story than the one I copied.
  13. She looks like my Kessel. And if Kessel was my only one I'd think everyone else was crazy saying Huskies are so hard. Kessel's only bad habit it pulling on walks. Other than that she might as well be a lab. Maybe yours and mine are cousins.
  14. Anyone that would subject their dog to being attacked by a wolf shouldn't be allowed to own a dog.
  15. Our Wookie tries to play with the chihuahua and she gets after him. He ends up on his back with her shaking his neck fur like she's killing him. But they are gentle enough with each other that no one gets hurt. It always cracks me up to see him try to play with her when there are 3 other big huskies around to play with. Oh, or how about when you drop rawhide chews - one for each, and someone tries to pick up two or three in their mouth and keeps dropping them when they try to get the new one.
  16. I'm a complete mutt. Dad's side: Greek, English/American Mom's side: Spanish, Navajo, Irish, English
  17. I own a Chihuahua and she is a sweet heart, but OMG that dog barks at everything. When someone comes to my door she is the only one in my pack that growls too. I seriously call her my attack chihuahua.
  18. I know this discussion comes up once in a while, But I just don't get it. This news story was linked from the bottom of a major headline.... ‘Dangerous’ or ‘risky’ dog breeds Your insurance company can refuse to cover a dog under any circumstances, however, depending on its breed. Here are a few breeds that insurance providers may consider too risky for coverage: Wolf hybrids Alaskan malamutes Siberian huskies Great Danes Akitas Chows German shepherds Rottweilers Doberman pinschers Pit bulls I've never met an aggressive husky, but how do you fight something that is this prevalent? My know-it-all family member actually told me once that Pits and Rottweilers are so aggressive that you can't selectively breed them into docile family dogs. She obviously doesn't realize I've owned 2 Rottie mixes who were the sweetest dogs ever. But she loves my huskies and thinks they are fabulous even though the whole breed is on this list. People are so weird! Has anyone ever convinced someone to change their mind on something like this?
  19. ALL THE TIME! Everyone is nice here, but yes I have to say I feel like an outsider too. I think its the feeling you get when you join a group of people who have been friends forever. They all know each other and you are an outsider until you really make some friends. Still, a great place to hang out though.
  20. Have any of you heard about The Olivia Act? http://theoliviaact.blogspot.com/ In short: The Olivia Act was started by a professional photographer after the Connecticut school shooting in December 2012. One of the children lost that day was named Olivia. Olivia’s family had recently had professional photographs taken. Realizing how cherished those photos would be to that family now, the photographer started the Olivia Act to provide a free family portrait session to a family who might not otherwise be able to afford professional photography. I recently signed up to take part (I'm a professional photographer in California) Anyway, It seems to be a worlwide movement, I don't know how many are taking part outside the US, but it doesn't hurt to check out the blog and see if you or someone you know would be interested. I had tried to get a large group of photographers to take part in a one day event where we would help as many families as possible. I had a local camera store ready to offer a free print to each family and my community college donated building space - but I couldn't get other photographers to commit their time. So I cancelled the event and now I'm giving away one session a month for the rest of 2013.
  21. You could always call yours what I call mine, "The Troublemakers" Now that I think of it, I want a pack name too! LOL, I'm going to have to think one up and officially name them.
  22. I'm waiting for the A.C. officer to call me back so I can explain. I hope they believe me and don't think I'm just trying to get out of a ticket.
  23. He's SO mean! The last time I talked to him he just yelled at me. Then when I was gone and my step father was watching my house, he yelled at my step dad over the fence for about 10 minutes. Total stranger, not his dogs, and the guy just yelled and complained. This was 2 years ago when I was going back and forth between kenneling and chaining my dogs to try to keep them away from his fence (my dogs would cry to get out and he didn't think he should have to be patient for the first few days while they got used to being kenneled.) I used to just come home and cry because of the nasty notes on my door. I finally had to rehome one of my escape artist dogs because he was the one making everyone's life so difficult. And here I am still being treated like a criminal or something after I sacrificed my dog to make this guy happy. The dogs haven't been in his yard for years but he still acts like I'm a terrible dog owner.
  24. We have been well off, though my student loans just came due. I owe $100,000 and have to start paying $600 a month. So for the last two months I've been wondering if I'd be living in genteel poverty while paying those for the next 20 years. But for our area we make good money...which is why I am sort of trapped living here while my husband is 4 states away. I don't want to drop our standard of living to take a huge pay cut to move there with him. I wonder sometimes if being well off isn't a bit of a trap. If I were already broke, I'd probably be happy enough living out there with him and being broke together.
  25. Had a note on my door when I got home for lunch. Neighbor complained to animal control that my dogs were "barking since 6:30am". Funny, I didn't leave until almost 8 and I didn't hear them. Neither did the AC officer who arrived at 10 to write the note. I sure have quality neighbors. Same guy that called AC to report a year ago that "the dogs might get through the fence and into his yard". This coming three months after someone opens two gates to let my dogs out in the middle of the night. My babies can get noisy, but I swear it lasts maybe 2 minutes when they do. And its usually "woooo-ing" because of a fire engine or lawn mower. A simple "hush" or "quiet" makes them stop. Even the neighbor could shout it over the fence if he were impatient and they'd quiet down. I just can't believe he called to report me and then lied about it. I'm wondering if he was mad at the neighbor on the other side of me (she has to giant barkers and little yapping chihuahua. They bark constantly) Just so frustrated that I might get a citation over a lie or mistake. I kid you not, I am constantly doing everything I can to make them be quiet and happy so that my neighbors aren't put out by them. I even just ran electric fencing (low watt - dog safe) so the dogs won't run the fence line or dig under. Seems I can't win with this mean old $%^^%# He hates that his two yappie little dogs run the fence line barking at mine and mine run and bark back. How is that my fault? Literally mine will be laying down and being lazy then his yappers start up and one or two of mine run over to see what the fuss it. UGH! Does anyone have any advice? I feel like I've tried everything I can think of and its obviously not good enough to make this guy stop being irrational.
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