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  1. marie madeley my pics same as on here i think lol feel free to add me
  2. yeah i always get the look grrrr i just think sort ya kid out stupid
  3. grrr makes me mad this does i get kids running at my girls yellin snow buddies well 1 ov my girls is a bit hyper and jumps about a lot so she ended up pokin a girl in the eye with her nose this girl came running over and ended up standing over my dog yellin while her mum watched her do it :mad: stupid ignorent ppl my kids would never approche a dog they didnt know never mind running up yelling at them
  4. mine dont mind either warm or cold but absloulty love the snow when we have any
  5. and i just realised my pics are all jumbled up ill try and make a folder with just my girls in but feel free to av a giggle at the others lol
  6. oh just thought id best appologise for some ov the other pics i am sensible underneith
  7. think i found you i dont no y mine hasnt come up mind i am crap on computors
  8. if u fancy a nosie my name is marie madeley and my profile pic is the same as the one on here
  9. i just wondered how many fellow husky owners are on facebook as i have tonnes ov pics on there ov my girls (cannot work out how to get them on here)
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