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  1. Meeshkas had a few siezures. They seem to be stress related with her. She is a very timid wee soul but she was attacked by another 2 dogs last year and the siezures started just after that when she was in a situation she was unsure about. She took them a couple of times a week. I was scared to leave her. We were recomended to give her camomille flower which is a dry herb u mix with some food 3 times a day. She hasnt had a siezure now for a couple of months. Were even getting her to go down the beach running with the boys now its great. We still worry about her taking more but for now all is good
  2. Aawwww Hope shes ok and it doesnt put her off meeting other dogs. We dont have dog parks in our area but my 3 have some friends that come round and let there dogs socialize with them running around the garden. They love it.
  3. I was told by one of my huskies breeders to use cheap laundry fabric conditioner when there having a bath. One is 4 years old this month and ive always stuck by it and they have never picked up fleas or ticks with it.
  4. My furbies snuggling in together on the couch lol
  5. My lot love wild life programmes. When we sat the tv on floor when we were decorating they kept walking around it to see if they could find the polar bears lol:D
  6. My lot started blowing there coats about 3 weeks ago. Its like a blizzard lol. Its a small price to pay to have such beautiful furbies lol:D
  7. It looks quite intersting i think it might help her even more which would be great thanks
  8. Will have a look at that. shes doing great just now ive never seen her so confident but looking for anything that will improve her situation Thanks
  9. Update on meeshka on camomille flower . We got her to go her first walk today. We put her harness on and she waited at the door with the boys ready to go. She usualy runs and hides lol. She was great and she enjoyed it. Will try her down the shore next time. Still no more siezures. Its great to see her so confident
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