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  1. Oh yes it's real, lol! Spiders don't bother me but that one would strike the fear in me, LOL!
  2. Angler Fish: Cookie Cutter Shark: Goblin Shark: And, although I'm not afraid of spiders, if I ever saw the smiley face spider, I'll admit I would be frightened...:
  3. LOL, that is adorable! And what a good boy for posing so well!
  4. Awww, what a cutie! I love her color
  5. She definetly looks like royalty in this photo.. I too love the dignified look of older Sibes.. so wise and intelligent. I understand you completely, it's been over a year since I lost Taz, and I still think of him everyday... I even had a slip of the tongue today and called Echo a nickname I used to call him and I caught the mistake right away (that was the first time it ever happened - I have my own names for her), so he's definetly still 'there' with me in spirit. Alice was a gorgeous girl.
  6. Jack is beautiful - I love his super fluffy fur!
  7. Fabulous pics of gorgeous Huskies!
  8. Oh my goodness, LMAO! After seeing that first lovely pic of Betty, I was so not prepared for the second pic, hahaha.
  9. I got to see them this past Sunday - by the time I got there, they were all cleaned up, so looking better than they initially did, but still very emaciated. It's amazing how sweet they are, a couple of them are stand-offish (understandable, given what they'd been through and being in a cage somewhere new), but most of them were wiggling their little butts when I'd come up to the cage and licking my hand.. they seem grateful and it looks like they are going to be ok, it will just be a long road to recovery!
  10. I also had a bunch of the dogs from Littlest Pet Shop, but had NO idea that there was a Husky! I just found it on google, so upset that I didn't know about the Husky and didn't have it, LOL!
  11. My favorite toys as a kid where definetly "The Littlest Pet Shop" collection - they kept me occupied for hours! However, upon googling them, I see they have changed quite a bit - the ones I played with are now considered vintage. My favorite of my collection was my Shamu set:
  12. I was having such a bad week at my new job and felt so discouraged and unconfident, feeling like I was doing nothing right! My week ended with a good day yesterday with easy phone to handle phone calls and I had a better feel for what I was doing, so if anything, I had a lucky Friday the 13th
  13. With my new job, I don't get out of the building much and I work during the highest temps of the day... I get out by 9pm and at that time, it's usually still in the 80 (F) range. Right now, it's just before 11 am and already just about 80F! I think all through this week, the temp was between 85-90 degrees F. It's been very hot with no rain at all really, which is unusual for this area, it's usually pretty gloomy!
  14. Welcome to the forum! Your Harley is such a cutie Can't wait to see what she looks like full grown!
  15. Awww, she's adorable! Kudos to you for bringing her in & feeding her and giving her a safe place to sleep!
  16. I had no idea about the differences between the genders - and if anything, even though I prefer males, I would have thought a female to be calmer & less mischievous - WRONG! At least in my case, haha. (did not realize this post was about getting your first Husky - my misconception is based off of getting my second husky, hah)
  17. Very nice!! Congratulations & best of luck to you!
  18. That is amazing! You guys have to biggest hearts, well done on the yard sale!
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