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    Its hard to write a bio without just rambling on, so basically, I am originally from MI, have lived all over the US, I am settled in CA, I am married to a drummer. My husband and I got our first set of dogs (husky and gsd) in 1998-2000, they've now passed, but we now have another set of husky/gsd to keep our pack whole. I come from an idyllic american Norman Rockwell/Leave It To Beaver type family, and am considered the "black sheep", and am proud to wear the title! LOL
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    My Dogs, Camping, 60-70's Music, Poetry, Swimming, Tye-Dyeing, Children's Books, TV and ALONE TIME:)

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  1. My signature has pics of both my gsd past and present. Betty is turning 1yr on Dec 12. My two past husky shep brother sister pairing played a lot when younger...grace and betty being 1yr apart went through a phase where there was no off button. But bothy gsd dogs are very very content hanging inside with people more do than my huskies. The loyal to their master gsd will always prefer the human over the devious play of the husky. Having two huskies I'm sure your gsd just sits back and waits to see which one is gonna get in trouble first

  2. Dou you have any pix posted of your gsd? Does your gsd play with your husky(s) much? Mine doesnt. The sibes run riot around the house, and Bailey is usually content to chew on something by herself.

  3. well I have inside info on Black GSD....as I have one named Betty! She is a "DDR" east German Shep:) and I too get the....what is she "lab, retreiver?"...um no, GSD, ..."all black?".. Its hard to get good photos of the black GSD, only outside shots seem to capture the true beauty. and I love when I can't tell she is at the door wanting in at night time until she opens her mouth and all I see is her teeth in the window! LOL Good to see another husky owner having a great GSD as a companion.

  4. Hey Kara. Thanks! Yes, she is a German shep. Her name is Bailey. She's a big sweetie. Good eye, a lot of people who meet her think she's a lab or some type of mix. I've even had a few people disagree/argue with me over it. Lol.

  5. hey there, my name is Kara, I am Grace and Betty's Mama :) I was curious about your avatar, do you have a Black German Shep ? It's Beautiful!

  6. 6301....we're kicking butt this year!
  7. 1929 seem to be only average just over 45 votes a day? hmmmm:cool:
  8. one of yesterdays walks in the woods..... here we are with Gracie telling me are not walking fast enough! I'm totally owned, I let her go up there, and of course it was harder for me to get up there than it was for her all that work just to get to some good grass she wanted to eat! and of course, the walk trying to go home, and she doesn't want to:)
  9. :monkeydance:264:monkeydance:
  10. 230 it must of skipped one of the last two peoples vote....what crap! But I think we can do better than the 5k lets go for 10k we have 360 more days its only been 5days 365/5 = 72 so we have 72 more sets of 5days and right now we averaged 230 for 5 days (72x230), if we keep this momentum we could be over 20k by next year. yet, please someone check my math, I am from the USA it could be "fuzzy math"
  11. A pre-made hole in dirt in its own giant bucket.....thats like donuts served in beer to Homer Simpson!
  12. don't remember what day this week, sometime between Friday and Yesterday, just a simple walk in the woods.... " I see something, I think" "I have to go over the tree, come on mama" "If you would have let me go over the tree I would not be stuck here mom"
  13. I think the last challenge question was wanting to see your husky make a cotton mess and here is mine of Alice years ago. I want to see your husky in a play brawl with another dog
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