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  1. Now that’s a happy husky! 😍
  2. That what concerns me about keeping her intact, yes puppies would be great, they would be beautiful and great tempered but the thought of not knowing their future scares me half to death. I think I’m going to get her done later in the year......... for both of us. You guys are fantastic, thank you so much 😊
  3. Taiga will be 3 in April, I have thought about getting her spade but did hear that is best to leave her a few seasons...... not sure of why that is though 🤔🤔
  4. Thank you so very much, Imhave gone to get some disposable diapers for her, so that’s one step ahead...... had a fun time trying to put it on. Imdid see that they have washable ones on eBay but it seemed that all the ones I have found are multicoloured or had little pictures all over them, being white they would stick out on her like a sore thumb, being white. 👍🏻😀❤️
  5. Thank you Jo, I’m just trying to get a feel for what’s to come and what other people have done to help or made their lives easier.......any “hacks” if you know what I mean 😉👍🏻
  6. Thank you for the reassurance 😀 she is snuggled up on the couch with me at the moment sleeping, I’d imagine it’s close to what we have to go through. She is an amazing little girl, I just want to make sure that mum knows a little more so I can look after her as much as she needs. ☺️
  7. Hi Everyone!! I have had huskies for the last 11 years but both of them were boys, sadly no longer with me! My partner and I have rescued a husky x Akita lady from a gentleman in Falmouth who, due to family problems had to give her up. My queries are that I’ve bever had a female dog and her just coming into heat has got me wanting to know more about these times of year for her, more info the better. I know that I have to keep her away from males and that she will leave little spots around the house but at the moment she seems a little quiet than normal, still eating, flesh
  8. Good evening all, it time I can finally write this as it been so hard so come to terms with. Back in Juky this year I had to put Tokala to sleep due to Degenerative mylopathy, he started getting worse and it came to the point where his quality of life was becoming less and less. I hope you all don’t have to go through this and for those that have I feel your pain and send really big hugs xxx
  9. We are based in Exeter and don't mind travelling xx
  10. So we've got back from the vets now and have been told that for an 10 year old husky, he's looking pretty good. The incontinence problem are early signs of Degenerative myelopathy a horrible condition that causes the back end of your dog to become immobile after a matter of time, so exercise and possible swimming is recommend to keep the muscle and back end to become stronger. Does anyone know where you can take your dog swimming in a controlled environment?? I would like to help him as much as I can!! Krystal and Tokie xx
  11. Me too...... I get so concerned nowerdays! Fingers are crossed. Will update on Saturday xx Thank you for your concern xx
  12. Sorry to read about Brooke. I have Tokie booked in to the vets on Saturday for his booster so I will have a word about it with them. I worry so much as I lost my other husky to a cancer in his spleen with came on really suddenly, so i didn't really have the chance to act other than put him to sleep.( it was heartbreaking ) Tokie's bloods were tested back in may so I know he was alright then but I have taken your advise on board and will talk to the vet. Thank you so much! Krystal and Tokie x
  13. Good afternoon everyone, my 10year old Siberian huskies has started peeing and pooping when he's a sleep, during the day he's seems fine and manages to go outside but not without the occasional accident. Have any of you had this little matter as I would like a little guidance as I've not had to deal with this before. I hate the idea that this is happening but I know the way this is going!! Krystal and Tokie x
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