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    married ..would like to have an animal rescue place one day ...
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    walking my dogs ,country music,gardening ,general socializing .
  1. Emma

    Hi Irene, I just sent you a pm responding to your chat message. Sorry it's a little bit late. xxx

  2. ​Hello Irene! I hope you all are doing well, I hope you have had a good weekend hopefully you all got to relax. :)

  3. hey hun , i cant read ur message for some reason it wont let me open the chat box up :/

  4. thank you ...this is going to take a while ....

  5. I sent you a request to make it easier-let me know if you have any trouble, ok :D

  6. hello to all my friends ..it will take me to long to invite you all individually ...cos im still struggling ...but i will get on eventually ...x

  7. hi trying to add you as friend ...still only a visitor ..

  8. Glad to hear about Rob, Irene! I too, struggle with HO now, but am vigilantly trying to figure things out :D Thanks for letting me know how you and Rob are doing! Your friends in Indiana, Czar Demon, Gloria & Attila

  9. hello attila .gloria ...i still cant get on HO ..im only a guest ...i really miss chating to everyone ...but just to let you know rob home from hospital ....hope allis well with you and the pack ...x

  10. Hello Irene, received your message so you are getting a little hang of this new Forum. Glad to hear about Rob, if you don't get through again, we will look for you on Face Book. 4pm our time and 9pm your time. Your friends across the pond, Ralf, Ken and Kayak

  11. hi guys ..."happybirthday ralf"...i dont know if this will get to you ...and i have no idea how or when i will be able to get back to normal on here ..if ever ..so please dont think im ignoring you or anyone else for that matter ...hoping rob home today ...please let attila know ...hope you have a lovley bithday ...our love and best wishes your friends from the uk ..irene,rob, marley nina xxx:cake:

  12. well its going to be a long time for me to get round ...so expect me when you see me folks ...i wont be ignoring anyone ...please be paitent ...thanx ...do we have to fill all our information in again and picture ..x

  13. irene


    what a good idea .lots of good pics ..x
  14. irene


    [ATTACH]48558[/ATTACH] hi me and "marley" ..and my friend sharon and "shadow"...i m wearing the husky sweat shirt
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