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  1. I think that is possibley the most bizar thing Iv ever read!?
  2. So since no one has met the "husky at the vet" challenge Im going to get this going again... heres a picture of Nukka Yawning.. Next since summer is coming, I want to see pics of your husky at the beach!!
  3. Wow Gery, FABULOUS shots! I'd just get blur-dog if I tried to take shots like that! lol
  4. Yep the breeder deffo has to send off the registration for the litter this is usually done within the first few weeks of birth then they get the transfer forms for each pup and they should go home with the pup when they go to their new home.
  5. Contact trading standards, if you bought the pup as KC registered he should come with KC papers when you took him home not 7 months later or never!
  6. Nukka 11 June 2009 - Gemini: agile (deffinatly), alert (yep), restless (often), vocal (not vocal particularly but has her way of getting her point across) and fickle (can be depending on her mood) Shadow 31 Jan 2009 (according to his vet record) - Aquarius: independent (not really, hes quite needy), rebellious (again not really he generally does as hes asked), people-oriented (VERY he loooooves people more than other dogs even!), aloof and outgoing (nope and nope again, sad maybe but not aloof and far to clingy to be outgoing!) But then perhaps his bad start in life stifled his personality some what... he still has that sad look in his eyes sometimes which I hope will dissapear in time.
  7. I was on the doggymate network trying to find other husky lovers and Leanne was on there and pointed me over here so Thanks Leanne your help has been invaluable!!!
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