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  1. PMSL! Yeah you can tell her "heres your DNA sample mrs breed expert, let me know the result!" LMAO! Silly moo!
  2. Ok first things first, dont panic your not alone, as you are reading we all go through this! Just a few little tips I can sugest to help you... first of all whats she like with water? My girl HATES it so I have trained her not to go near my friends chicken coop (she has killed one so we had to do this) by every time she went near it we sprayed her with a water pistol! She now hardly ever goes near it.. you could do this with your washing so she leaves it alone. Nicking food, my lad does this if he thinks he can, we now have a clear the surfaces rule.. we dont leave food out for him to get, remove temptation and remove the problem, when we eat the dogs go in their crates so they arnt tempted to try to steal stuff off us and this might be good if you have kids around. The rubbish bin is a really easy fix, a big heavy weight like from a home gym or a really heavy rock, stick it in the bottom of the bin and that will stop it being able to be knocked over! I would deffinatly look up "nothing in life is free" making her work for everything she gets will teach her patients and respect for you. Also what and how much are you feeding her? too many adertives and too higher protien level will make her hyper active, like giving kids blue smarties! Then fianlly, an hour walk sounds a bit too little for a growing husky, could you look at your daily schedual and see if you could fit more walks in? Even if their only little every bit helps! As well as doing little training sessions just 5mins at a time working her through some tricks will calm her down abit. Then also they're are games you can play with her to get her busy and not being naughty, get a sandpit and burry toys or treats, get a kong toy and fill with treats to keep her playing, try teaching her hide and seek, get her to stay in one room while you hide a toy in another and then get her to find it! all stuff like this will give her stuff to do so she doesnt feel the need to be naughty! Hope you get it all sorted hon, good luck and let us know how you get on! xxx
  3. Awwww dont worry hon, you'll do fine! I was a waitress for 5 years and I can be a right blonde sometimes but I always got on ok, just think of the tips! Specially if you work holidays like Christmas, people get really generous!!
  4. Awwwww cuuuuties! Love the husky car stuff, cant wait to get my first ride so I can husky pimp it!
  5. Well thats great that Viggos breeder will watch him but I wouldnt hold out much hope of the rescue holding Nala till you get back, they will need the kennel space and it will cost them more in food etc.. maybe worth just at least checking with your breeder if she will have her as I doubt you will get her otherwise?
  6. hhm not nessecerily seperation anxiety, sounds more like boredem to me... does she have a crate? have you done any crate training with her? I had the same problem with my girl when she started to get older and after she killed a kitchen cabinate door I said enough now she is being crated and thats what we did! She doesnt have S.A she was just bored and naughty! LOL Crate training I would say start with it open and reward her for going in there, start feeding her meals in it so its a possertive thing and start giving her chews and stuff in the crate while your there so she gets the hang of it before you leave her, guage her reaction to it and work from there.
  7. Awww who really cares that hes not a husky, hes an honorary husky in my eyes! Awsome pics and great story!
  8. Heya and welcome to the forum! those pool screen look fine, espcecially if you are planning on supervising her while she is out in the garden? If you were thinking of leaving her out there like when you go to work and stuff you might be better off looking into a proper dog pen/kennel.. that might actually save you having to do that much to your garden? Personally neither of mine are escape artists and regualarly stay at my friends for the day who has what sounds like a very similar set up to you just minus the pool, as long as they are checked on and kept entertained they are fine! If shes going to be left unsupervised then think fort knox but if not I wouldnt worry tooooo much unless the rescue staff have said shes a mega hudinie? just maybe heighten the little wall with some good timber screening.
  9. OMG hon that is sooooo lucky you had her booked in! Dont blame yourself at all, its notoriously difcult to spot even if its open nevermind closed and as Gigi said extreamly rare in a bitch so young! If you hadnt had her booked in its more than likely you would have lost her without even knowing what was wrong so someone up there is looking out for that little girl of yours! God Im tearing up just thinking about if it was me!? So glad my girl is done! Huuuuuge hugs and give Echo so really gentle get well soon hugs from me and my pack then spoil her wrotten for a couple of days!
  10. Dogs can vey often sense when a close friend or family memeber is or was very poorly and get extra protective of that person. My friend has a neighbour who they are close to and who has cancer, he sometimes take their dog out for a walk, when he does the dog is massivly protective of him.. he wont let many people near him at all unless he knows them coz he knows the guy is poorly... I suspect that, coupled with the fact that Blaze is your mums boy is why he is protective when your mum is with you guys.
  11. Sounds like a plan if their just neutering and returning. They can also sometimes be homed around farms where they they just need good ratters, the cats protection legue in this country do this when they get ferel cats in!
  12. Stacey can you not sit down with the MIL and have a really honest chat with her about how stressful this is for both you and Aleu to keep trying to do this? Its obviously really not going to work properly and if shes happy and relaxed in her crate then I really think your MIL needs to understand that.. just coz SHE thinks its cruel Aleu obviously doesnt and that at the end of the day is actually what matters most! She is actually making you be cruel to suit what she thinks should be the case!!
  13. OMG I just did that! Sooooo sad! One site boasting that they think people who call them back yard breeders are just pureist nazis and that they have so far produced 60 puppies! They started breeding from their two rescued, unhealthtested dogs!! How massivly frustrating that their are people out there so pig ignorant and so unwilling to learn!!
  14. Awww hon, just think how happy she will be to see you when you get her back! And little bit of advice.. get her a nice big raw hide bone that will last her aaaages, coz if shes anything like my girl as soon as the anesthetic wares off she be back to bouncing around the house and you will need to keep her calm and quiet so raw hide does the trick! Let us know how she goes and just try to keep yourself as busy as you can dont sit and clock watch or it will go longer! HUGS xxxxxxx
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