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  1. well I am also kown to the locals around here as the wolf man.....must be my white fleece that matched my furkiddos
  2. robke


    Looks really nice
  3. yes can be used in the same way as a springer
  4. you can use walkdog for both pulling and walking next to the bike here is a pic
  5. That is the other thing offcourse age..i was told that, as a rule of thumb, not to let them pull a scooter, bike or rig if they are younger then 1 year.
  6. sorry to hear that, hope the furbaby will be fine.... I walk in the dark a lot at this moment and I will be taking a flashlight with me from now on so that I can sort of keep an eye on mine as noth of them can act like hoovers...
  7. 1. When your husky disobeys you, how does he do it? i.e. talks back, runs away, turns a deaf ear, won't look you in the eye etc. Bindi talks back the turns a deaf ear. Alpha just looks at me turns his head as if to say "what do you think I am a GSD" LOL 2. What commands/tricks does your husky understand? Bindi & Alpha both know; sit, stay, wait, down, come, left, right, left & right by (to pass something left or right tree etc) turn around left or right, stop, mush, walk on at lost of the commands used when running with the scooter which can and are being used while walking or anywhere else. 3. Where is your husky's favorite place to be scratched? Both belly rubs and under the chin 4. Does your husky always pull the leash/lead? (when you walk, run, bike etc.) Alpha yes but in training to stop it during walk, command gentle walk, Bindi only pulls when walk if she sees intersting objects, other dods, cats, rabbits 5. Does your husky play fetch and bring back the item more than once if you throw it? both do 6. Does your husky have any major/minor health issues? Both no 7. Is there anything that your husky does that totally drives you up a wall and annoys you? being stubborn when you do not want them to be LOLOL 8. What is your husky's favorite way to get exercise? when it is cold enough running with the scooter otherwise long walks in the woods 9. Does your husky have a comfort place, or toy, or person etc? yes for both of them their beds 10. What is the strangest/naughtiest/worst thing your husky has done? Bindi stole 2 pounds of minced beef once, Alpha likes the bin if we are not home 11. In a safe but limitless place, can your husky be trusted off leash? (Am asking because I've seen pictures of huskies off leash of leash on this) Yes but must be fenced off and no holes anywhere they both have a way of finding them quickly 12. How does your husky show you that he loves you? (This one is important to me because I can't tell if Smokey shows me affection without me knowing) both lick and cuddle up on the sofa next to us
  8. I would gladly show you but the distance and water between us might be an problem LOL. but should think there are people on the forum not far away from you that can show/help you, it is an investment that you have to make, scooter, x-back harnas, guide leads etc. a springer would be cheaper. Also know that a springer is NOT designed for pulling you and your bike.
  9. You have the same amount of control as on a bike I think. Just make sure that 1) your brakes work great 2) the dogs know the commands well (I train it during the walks and use it all the time) esp. the stop command.
  10. I personally think that a scooter is more fun tried a bike but I just did not felt safe for me, at least with a scooter you can jump of and not worry about the middle bar LOL. but might also have to do with the fact that a friend of mine went with his bike and the husky saw a rabbit and that was it spent 4 months on his back, broken pelvis, jaw, nose and fractured leg....
  11. robke

    You ever think?

    Nicely said, I am hoping to get some good friends from here aswell. hopefully can make it to a camp next year, if there is going to be one in the second part of next year. even will take the furkiddos with us then with the new rule change will make that easier..
  12. Another way to get rid of the smell is used coffee from the coffeemachine, I used to work with refrigerated trailers and this worked wonders and is recycling LOLOL
  13. ok was just asking as i am currently use a Bike joring (see pic) on my scooter and find that it is point up to much for my liking
  14. Do you have a pic of the bushbow? and how does it fit on and how much would it cost?
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